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Which is the best way to rent or buy a wedding dress? The advantages and disadvantages of renting we

It's the May day wedding season again. For almost everyone, wedding is a top priority in the book of life's major events. So for the fairies who love beauty, is it worthwhile to buy or rent wedding dresses?

When choosing a wedding dress, the ultimate universal problem that brides have to face first is whether to rent a wedding dress or buy a wedding dress. Renting a wedding dress seems to be more economical, but they can't guarantee health and safety. Customizing a wedding dress seems to be more personalized, but the price seems to be a little expensive. Let's see the advantages and disadvantages of renting a wedding dress and buying a wedding dress.

It is better to rent wedding dress or buy wedding dress:

1. budget

When choosing a wedding dress, the first thing to consider is your overall budget. If the pursuit of this wedding is cost-effective, then renting wedding dress is a good choice. Generally speaking, the wedding dress rental package includes the exit dress, main dress, toast dress and Thanksgiving dress that need to be worn during the whole wedding process, and some packages also include bridesmaids' clothing, flower children's clothing, etc. The price of a single wedding dress rental is usually about 30% - 40% of the customized price of the wedding dress, so I hope that the shape of the wedding day can change a little more, and it is more economical, so I can consider leasing.

But is it really that cost-effective to rent a wedding dress? It doesn't have to be. If the bride wants to take photos before the wedding and after the wedding for honeymoon, she also wants to wear the wedding dress to take photos of herself, then the price of 2-3 times of renting wedding dress can be almost customized.

To say the least, after renting the wedding dress, you still need to return it. If you customize the wedding dress, you can still leave a wedding dress.

Let's talk about custom wedding dresses. The benefits of customized wedding dress are not so much new. It's brand new, customized and the style can be freely changed. Custom wedding dresses are generally more expensive than rental wedding dresses. Fairies with sufficient budget and requirements for new and old wedding dresses and styles can seriously consider this option. After all, the wedding once in a lifetime, or don't casually make do with it.

Will customized wedding dresses be really expensive? In fact, there are many foreign popular wedding brands with lovely customized prices. There are also a lot of small wedding brands created by young wedding designers in China that are worthy of fairy consideration. The first customized price and foreign brands are much more popular than the people, the second style and quality are also good, and usually the version is more suitable for Chinese brides.

Moreover, if there are travel photos and honeymoon plans before and after the wedding, wear them several times more, and then put back the customized wedding dress book.

So, we still need to consider whether to rent or buy from the overall perspective of wedding budget.

2. time

The biggest advantage of renting wedding dress is flexible time. If there is a week left before the wedding, you can only choose to rent the wedding dress. If you want a wedding where you can say "go" and "go"? Give up the idea of custom wedding dress.

Although little new has met a bride who has three days to get married and whose wedding dress hasn't been selected, little new still has a conscience suggestion. Even if she rents the wedding dress, she still arrives at the store at least 2-3 months in advance to determine the rental style. Because the popular styles in wedding stores are often booked early.

So what if you order your wedding dress early and then meet a more favorite style? Now many wedding stores provide free service to change the new style, so if you really meet a more favorite new style, you don't have to worry about missing it.

It's better to rent wedding dress or buy wedding dress

If you want to customize the wedding dress, you must reserve enough time. It is suggested to advance at least 3-6 months. From designing, purchasing fabrics, making, testing to getting ready-made clothes, each link will take more time than you think.

If the wedding dress of foreign brands is customized, it is suggested to reserve at least 6 months. After all, the journey is far away, and customs and other uncontrollable factors.