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Does the May 1st Civil Affairs Bureau work in 2018? What are the precautions for getting married on

May day is a national holiday. Many new people will choose such a day to get their certificates. So can we get a license to get married on May 1 this year? What are the precautions for getting a license to get married on May 1? Let's take a look at it together with the small edition of

May I have a marriage certificate

With the official approval of the State Council, the new year's day, purity day, Qingming Day, labor day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and national day are national holidays. Whether you are a worker or a student, you will arrange holidays.

Then, the marriage license should be handled on holidays. For example, can I get the marriage license on May 1? Because May 1 is a national holiday, which is normally a holiday. Considering many special circumstances, many relevant units of the Civil Affairs Bureau will arrange staff to take turns on duty, especially on Valentine's day and Tanabata's day, it is estimated that the whole staff will work in general. Therefore, if a new person wants to get a marriage certificate on May 1, he or she can apply for it, but only if you have all the information ready, or you may miss this time.

What should be paid attention to in obtaining the certificate

1. In China, we pay attention to festivity and auspiciousness in preparing for marriage, so it is the same with getting a marriage certificate. We must choose a better and auspicious day, and then go there in the morning.

2. On special days, there are many witnesses, so the new person must prepare all the materials in advance, without any mistakes, so that they can be prepared, or they will have to wait for the next opportunity, which is a waste of time, and may also lead to emotions that will not happen.

3. It's strange for all the new people to get the marriage certificate. It's unclear whether to go to the man's account or the woman's account. In fact, it's OK to go to the man's or the woman's account to get the marriage certificate.

4. Understand the process of marriage registration, so that the efficiency can be fast and accurate.

5. When preparing the materials, it is suggested that all the new people should handle them outside, such as copying ID card, account book, taking wedding photos, buying marriage card box, etc., because it costs more to directly handle these matters in the Civil Affairs Bureau, and the efficiency is slow.

6. The new couple can take photos for souvenir when they take the oath. It's sure that there are not a few of them. But it's expensive to take photos at this time, so it's suggested not to take or take less photos. After all, you also need to take wedding photos, just leave a souvenir.