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Why does Guangxi have a holiday on March 3? What festival is March 3 in Guangxi?

Every year, people all over Guangxi celebrate the "March 3" of the lunar calendar, so this festival is particularly important for people of Zhuang Nationality in Guangxi. So what is the festival of March 3 in Guangxi? Why is it a holiday?

The reporter learned from the relevant departments of the autonomous region government that in 2018, the "Zhuang March 3" holiday was determined to be April 18 and 19. After the shift, Guangxi people will have a five-day long holiday from April 18 to 22!!

Why is there a five-day holiday?

According to the notice, during March 3, 2018, all citizens in the autonomous region will have two days off, and April 18 and 19 (that is, the third and fourth day of the third lunar month) will have a holiday. On Friday, April 20 and Sunday, April 15 are off. On Sunday, April 15 is on duty.

Guangxi People's unique holiday

Almost catch up with the Spring Festival, National Day holiday!

Once again, I am proud of being a Guangxi person!

The most beautiful travel always happens in the best season

There is a trip waiting for you on March 3 holiday

Why can Guangxi people not go to work on March 3?

Because this is their exclusive Festival -- March 3 of Zhuang nationality. In the 'March 3' of the lunar calendar every year, people all over Guangxi will celebrate this grand festival. This festival began in Tang and Song Dynasties and prevailed in Ming and Qing Dynasties. It originated from the spring of ethnic minorities. They just had a few days off to have a good year. The way of leisure and praying is mainly for folk songs, and some local masters and guests People are singing together on the hillside. Some duets can last for 3 days and 3 nights!

Some places may not sing folk songs, but on March 3, they will bring chickens, ducks and fish to worship the mountain, just like Qingming Festival, to commemorate their ancestors. In other places, guests will be invited to participate in Lusheng treading Hall (similar to football's firecrackers), fill up the five colored glutinous rice rice made by their own home, drink their own rice wine, watch the Zhuang Opera, bullfight, fight for colored eggs, and enjoy the festival like the Spring Festival.

Therefore, since 2014, the people's Government of the autonomous region has designated "March 3" as the customary festival of Guangxi ethnic minorities, which has a two-day holiday in the whole region.

"March 3" is actually a common festival for people of all ethnic groups in Guangxi, not only for Guangxi, but also for Xinjiang, Ningxia, Tibet, and other autonomous regions and counties.