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What are the symptoms of zinc deficiency in children? What food does dot lack zinc to eat more good?

zinc is one of the essential trace elements for human body. Zinc deficiency will lead to thymus hypoplasia, lymphocyte atrophy, immune function decline, and affect the growth and development of children. So once the lack of trace elements in the human body can easily cause children's intellectual development, what are the manifestations or symptoms of zinc deficiency in the baby? What food does darling lack zinc to eat more better?

Zinc deficiency in infants often has the following manifestations:

1. Low immunity, repeated infection: frequent cold and fever, repeated respiratory tract infections such as tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, sweating, sleeping and night sweating;

2. Growth and development are slow; height is 3-6cm lower than that of the same age group, and weight is 2-3kg lighter;

3. Mental dysplasia: hyperactivity, slow response, inattention and poor learning ability;

4. Anorexia: pickiness, anorexia, refusal to eat, including food, generally reduced food intake, some children do not feel hungry, do not take the initiative to eat;

5. Picaresis: biting nails, clothing, toys, hard things, eating hair, paper scraps, raw rice, wall ash, soil, sand and stone, etc;

6. Vision problems: vision decline, easy to cause night vision difficulties, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, etc;

7. Skin damage: in case of trauma, the wound is not easy to heal; it is easy to suffer from dermatitis and stubborn eczema;

8. Others: fidgety, sweating, map tongue, nail white spot, multiple prickles on the finger tip, oral ulcer, withered and yellow hair, sparse or falling off. If so, go to the hospital to take blood samples to check the trace elements, you can be sure that if it's zinc, you can drink the oral liquid of zinc supplement in addition to the food supplement mentioned above, and the effect is also good to improve your baby's immunity and zinc supplement.

Best food source

Oyster, beef, animal liver, egg and fish are the foods with high zinc content.

Soybean, lentil, eggplant, Chinese cabbage, white radish, broccoli, spinach, mustard and fennel are vegetables with high zinc content; walnut and peanut are nuts with high zinc content; Apple has the highest zinc content in fruit.