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What to eat to restore faster after fracture? Diet precautions after fracture

As the saying goes, one hundred days after injury, the recovery after fracture is relatively slow, and the care after injury is very important. So a lot of people will recover their bodies through food supplement. What's the recovery speed after fracture? Follow Xiaobian to learn about it.

What to eat to restore quickly after fracture?

Fracture healing is generally divided into three stages: initial stage, middle stage and later stage. Diet should also be combined with different foods according to the development of the disease to promote the absorption of hematoma or the formation of callus.

What to eat after fracture, fast recovery

1. Early stage of fracture.

The injured part is swollen with blood stasis, the meridians are blocked, and the Qi and blood are blocked. This stage of treatment is mainly to promote blood circulation and remove stasis, and to dissipate Qi. According to traditional Chinese medicine, bone can't grow if it's not silted up, and new bone can't grow if it's silted up. It can be seen that eliminating swelling and removing stasis is the most important for fracture healing.

The principle of diet is mainly light, such as vegetables, eggs, bean products, fruits, fish soup, thin gravy, etc. it is forbidden to eat hot and sour food, hot and dry food, and greasy food. In particular, it is not allowed to give greasy and nourishing food too early. For example, bone soup, stewed chicken, stewed water fish, or else, stasis, difficult to dissipate, so that callus formation delay, affect the recovery of joint function in the future.

2. Three to four weeks after injury.

Most of the blood stasis was absorbed, the fracture was recovered in the middle stage, and the treatment was appropriate. The main treatment was Heying analgesic, removing stasis and generating new, bone and tendon. The diet was changed from light to proper high nutrition supplement to meet the needs of callus growth. Vitamin A, D, calcium and protein were supplemented.

3. Six to eight weeks after injury.

The fracture swelling is basically absorbed, and there has been callus formation. The treatment is suitable for tonifying. Through tonifying the liver and kidney, Qi and blood, it can promote the formation of solid callus, and relax the muscles and activate the collaterals, so that the adjacent joints can move freely and flexibly, and recover their previous functions. Diet can be lifted taboo, with high nutrition food to supplement, can drink can give, Eucommia bone broken wine, tiger bone papaya wine.

Diet is only combined with treatment. Mastering the principles of light in the early stage, moderate in the middle stage, and moderate in the later stage, and choosing appropriate food will play a positive role in promoting fracture healing.

2. Diet taboo of fracture:

1. Do not eat more bones.

The regeneration of bone depends on the function of periosteum and bone marrow. The periosteum and bone marrow can play a better role only under the condition of increasing bone collagen. The main components of bone are phosphorus and calcium. If a large amount of phosphorus and calcium are ingested after fracture, the content of inorganic matter in bone will increase, which will lead to the imbalance of the proportion of organic matter and inorganic matter in bone and hinder the early healing of fracture.

2. Almond is not suitable.

Almonds contain a lot of oxalic acid. When oxalic acid meets calcium in human body, it produces a kind of salt, calcium oxalate, which is not easy to dissolve. This kind of material not only prevents the calcium in the food from being absorbed and utilized, but also dissolves the calcium in the bone, making the sufferer lack calcium even more, thus affecting the fracture healing.

3. Do not eat more sugar.

Why should fracture patients eat less white sugar? The process of summer after fracture needs more calcium. Fracture patients will produce pyruvate, lactate and other metabolites after taking too much white sugar, which makes the body acidic. The body will mobilize calcium, magnesium, sodium plasma to participate in the neutralization of acid products. This is bound to consume more calcium, which is not good for fracture repair.

In addition, if you eat too much white sugar, you need vitamin B1 to participate in the process of transforming sugar into energy, which will consume more vitamin B1. Due to the lack of vitamin B1, it will also reduce the activity ability of nerves and muscles, which is not good for the recovery of fracture. So fracture patients should not eat too much sugar.