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What kind of wallpaper is the best choice for the wedding room? How to choose wedding room wallpaper

The layout of the wedding room has always been a topic of concern for all of us. Originally, marriage is a matter of celebration. Of course, we should carefully arrange our wedding room. So for the newly married couple, what kind of wallpaper is the best choice for the wedding room? How to choose the wallpaper for the wedding room?

What color is the wedding room wallpaper

1. In the fresh and bright space, wood grain and earth color wallpaper are used to infuse the natural color, so that modern and Northern Europe can meet here, create a simple small life for newlyweds, and give people a fresh sense of walking into the forest.

2. Yellow warm tone, more tension in sweet tone, in such a wedding room, make a vow for your love forever.

3. The enchanting and charming red color displays the happy and overflowing marriage life, which caters to the newlywed couple's keen perception of the newlywed life. The red wallpaper is pasted in the wedding room to make the home more festive and show the unique exotic atmosphere.

4. Purple has always been a favorite color of women. The pink purple space is like a pretty girl, which makes the whole space exude a clean and natural atmosphere.

5. The harmonious wallpaper with flowers and birds reveals the natural reality, pays attention to the gradual change of color in the details, and creates a natural and warm love nest for you.

How to choose wedding room wallpaper

1. Marriage room area

The area of the wedding room should be considered before choosing the wallpaper. If the area of the wedding room is large, it is not suitable to choose the wallpaper with large warm flowers, which will reduce the space of the room. If you choose the simple and elegant wallpaper with small flowers, you can expand the visual space of the room.

2. High and short wedding room

The selection of wedding room wallpaper should also consider the height of the room. If the height of the floor is relatively low, it is suitable to use the wallpaper designed with vertical stripes. This type of wallpaper has the effect of guiding the line of sight upward, and will have the feeling of raising the height of the indoor space.

3. Orientation of marriage room

Sunny rooms are hot in summer, so cold colors should be preferred for room decoration. Wallpaper with warm colors should be used with caution. Fresh colors such as sky blue and green can be selected. Warm colors such as orange and yellow should be selected with caution. Rooms with sunny colors should be cold in winter. Wallpaper with warm colors should be used to avoid room feeling cold in winter.

4. Wallpaper color

Warm color reminds people of the sun and fire, feeling warm, warm and unrestrained; cold color reminds people of the sea, blue sky and forest, giving people cool, quiet and comfortable. In the color selection of wedding room wallpaper, room orientation, height and other issues should be considered, but more importantly, personal preference. The new house is the place where the new couple will live in the future, and it is their own home. According to their own preferences, they should choose the color of decoration wallpaper in the room to create their own nest.

5. Use area

The selection of wallpaper should also consider the use of areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, which are easy to wet and need to be cleaned frequently. Therefore, in terms of wallpaper materials, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial wallpaper.

Decoration style of wedding room wallpaper

1. Oriental freehand brushwork

Chinese flower and bird painting always makes people feel a kind of calm temperament. After the busy work, I am in a space full of birds singing and flowers, poetic and picturesque. The Chinese hand-painted wallpaper makes it no longer an impossible dream. The best thing is that the cane chair in the corner of the wall, the branches and birdcage on the wallpaper are matched with each other, which integrates the reality into the painting and makes people feel at ease.

2. Flower ripples

The cluster flowers with bright colors and full of Chinese customs are perfectly matched with the pure color wallpaper with wood texture. The elegant and fresh relief Narcissus extend gracefully on the pure background color, and the flowers perform on the wallpaper to derive the infinite style of nature.

3. Modern geometry

Geometric pattern has always been the representative feature of modern simple style. The simple and flexible abstract geometric pattern contains a variety of information closely related to the lifestyle of young people, full of fashion flavor. Whether it's the amiable and elegant vertical bar grid pattern or the mosaic pattern full of urban sense, the wall can be decorated with delicacy, conciseness and nobility.