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What's the relationship between shangwenjie and Nie Tao? Elegant return attack on shangwenjie, full

Zhang Liangying and Feng Ke are separated. As a result, Shang Wenjie and the lyricist begin to tear each other's elegance. They are really in a daze. Isn't shangwenjie supporting Zhang Liangying? Zhang Liangying's good friend's gentle back chokes shangwenjie against the hot spot (silent face). As for shangwenjie, she satirized that she wanted to be red. She also said that if she really wanted to be red, she would be the first to write about her wonderful work experience with shangwenjie and Nie Tao. How come there's other news

Recently, the rumors of Zhang Liangying's divorce have aroused a lot of heated discussion on the Internet. Shangwenjie, who was born as a "super girl", supported Zhang Liangying on her microblog, but was contacted by Zhang Liangying's friends. She said that she could be popular as long as she said something about Nie Tao, which makes people wonder who Nie Tao is, and what's the relationship with Nie Xinyuan, shangwenjie's husband?

As soon as Zhang Liangying's friend's elegant article was posted on the Internet, it attracted a large number of netizens to watch. Netizens all said that things were not simple, waiting to eat melons.

The article of gentle voice to shangwenjie is as follows:

1. Please don't sing the song with the signature of elegant composition in any public place in the future. Anyway, you said publicly that you would not sing the Chinese song on the Chinese album for a long time, just as you said, please do it. 2. Habitually rubbing hot spots is like walking at night. You are afraid to go to the devil, and others can see the ghost. 3. Elder sister Zhixin really wants to be popular, and doesn't need to break the news. She is the first to write the kind of work with you and Nie Tao 4, even if the micro blog is not your own, but believe that the character of low villain, is also a misdemeanor.

In fact, Nie Tao is Nie Xinyuan, who is shangwenjie's husband. They have been married for many years.

Nie Xinyuan. He is the behind the scenes creator of famous e-singer Shang Wenjie. He has worked together for decades. In recent years, he has been holding a number of hot new generation stars such as Hong Zeng Shunxi, Hou Minghao and fresh geek youth group.

He is the new entertainment concept advocate of "making young idol artists with the Internet as a product" and the first one in the world to build a young idol based on live video training. He is known as "the godfather of a new generation of idol of Huayue", "the explorer of Pan entertainment industry in the mobile Internet Era" and "the father of live Idol".

Nie Xinyuan's personal experience can be said to be a successful example of leaping over the entertainment industry from the IT industry. From 2003 to 2004, he served as the operation and commercial development of the first China open.

In 2013, BG fashion and shangwenjie jointly established black gold fashion. The core management of black gold fashion is all from major entertainment, fashion, media and Internet companies in the industry. While mastering the resources of major media and commercial customers, black gold fashion has also penetrated the three fields of entertainment, fashion and Internet. Under the leadership of Nie Xinyuan, black gold fashion has obtained the strategic investment of Xiaomi group, an Internet giant Hi, black gold fashion is fully integrated into the Internet gene in the advantageous entertainment and fashion fields.

Nie Xinyuan and Shang Wenjie have been together for more than ten years. In fact, there are many stories about them, but they have always been very low-key, and their relationship is also very low-key. As for what the story of netizens' elegance is, there is no news on the Internet.

In short, for shangwenjie, Nie Xinyuan is a very important man in her career. In fact, this experience is very similar to Zhang Liangying, but the final result is different.