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How to charge a shared electric vehicle? What should I do if the electric sharing car doesn't have e

Nowadays, sharing new things has become the trend of the times. The era of bike sharing 3.0 is just coming, and bike sharing will start a new war. As a travel tool between short-distance cycling and long-distance travel, can the way of power + cycling break through the pattern of bike sharing and become a substitute? Many people are very curious about how to charge the shared electric vehicle?

The weight of the whole vehicle is not more than 23kg, the maximum power of the motor is not more than 250W (rated power 220W), and the maximum speed limit is not more than 25km / h. The motorcycle is equipped with explosion-proof puncture proof tyre and special battery compartment, with a range of 80-100km. The battery capacity can be intelligently inquired in the background, low power alarm, and operation and maintenance personnel can assign work orders to replace the battery in the responsible area.

How to charge a shared bike?

Shared bicycles need frequent charging or battery replacement. The current solution is to set up a large number of operation and maintenance personnel offline for maintenance. In addition, some shared bicycles enterprises will open up their own operation outlets and charging piles, which are costs that cannot be ignored for enterprises, and also bring inconvenience to users.

What restricts the user experience even more is' fixed-point return '. In terms of car search, there is no real logo on the social street at the parking spot of shared bicycles. Users can only check whether they are near the parking spot through the client app.

In terms of vehicle return, there is an additional charge for non designated parking, that is, if the location of non designated parking is less than 1 km away from the nearest designated parking point, 10 yuan will be added, and 100 yuan will be added if it exceeds 1 km.

With regard to the charging of shared bikes, bike 7 has set up a professional team to charge and replace batteries. After the user's mobile phone scans the code, it will display the remaining power on the car and how many kilometers the power can support the car.

The public can choose to ride a fully charged bicycle. The operation and maintenance personnel of "No.7 motor cycle" will conduct real-time monitoring on each vehicle, and go to replace the battery when finding that the power is insufficient.

If the battery runs out during riding, the driver can replace a new car at the nearest parking place. '& lsquo; No.7 electric bicycle & rsquo; has a very light body and is very convenient for people to ride on foot. '