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How to distinguish the truth from the false? Is Daike perilla water good with avocado?

Dai Ke perilla water is a very popular star product in our daily life. Many people are very fond of Dai Ke perilla water, and Dai Ke perilla water is a high functional make-up water. But there are many fake imitation products on the market. So how do we distinguish the true and false fake products?

What do you think of the truth and falseness of the water

An indistinguishable appearance

1. The packaging glass material is the same, the glass texture, the rhombic cross section of the bottle body, the radial stripes and concave points at the bottom are the same.

2. The plastic texture of the bottle cap is the same, and there is no color difference in the inner cap.

3. The batch number at the bottom of the bottle and the font of the bottle body are the same. The distribution from the clarity to the ink point is the same, and there is no difference in the feel of the protrusion.

4. There is no difference in the degree of shaking and foaming. After shaking for several times, the fine bubbles and the coarse bubbles are the same.

5. The texture and color are exactly the same, so we can't see the difference.

6. Fake goods are also very mild, and the pH test paper is so close

Two signs of fakes

1. The sealing materials are different. The sealing of the real goods is white, while the fake goods are silver aluminum metal. I noticed this at the beginning, but I thought it might be because the production time and batch number are different, the materials used have changed? The smell is different, so I decided that this is the mark to distinguish the fake goods.

I really don't know if the future fraud will improve here & hellip; & hellip;

2. The difference between the true and the false smell is very big. The fake can be clearly identified by the taste. The real product is the natural medicine taste of perilla, but the fake product has a light fragrance and no medicine taste.

Because the formula is confidential, no matter how to adjust the formula, dosage and raw materials of fake goods, they can't make the same fragrance. It's the most reliable way to distinguish the true from the false by smelling the flavor.

As for some people, they will say that it may be fake recycled bottles, which does exist, but we all know that second-hand bottles will be a little bit worn, but this one really doesn't exist, and a large number of second-hand bottles can't be recycled.

Is Daike perilla water easy to use

It's good to use. Perilla water is a leading type of high-performance make-up water. It uses 4 herbs to purify energy, especially the ingredients of perilla, to relieve and inhibit bacteria. It can improve the skin disorder caused by seasons and environment, and regulate the skin to be healthy and stable.

The star product of Daike's family, perilla water, is known as the elixir of eliminating shut mouth. It has a very good calming and anti-inflammatory effect. It is indispensable for acne growing, shut mouth and acne girls. In the days when acne occurs intensively or frequently, you can use it to give first aid and apply a piece of paper film. You will find that acne and shut mouth are much smoother. When the physiological period is dim and lack of water, perilla water can significantly improve the complexion. When staying up late on a business trip, the pressure skin will burst and shut up. Perilla water is more suitable for conditioning.

Analysis of water composition table of zisu in Daike

Water, ethanol, butanediol, rosemary, glycerin, betaine, hyaluronic acid, linoleic acid, perilla leaf extract, Salvia officinalis, extract of Thymus vulgaris, EDTA two sodium, sodium hydrogen phosphate two, PPG-6- decyl fourteen alcohol polyether -20, hydroxybenzyl ester, daily flavour, main plant extract to achieve antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, sedative and soothing effects, Kose's consistently high spirits. Refined formula style, can smell alcohol when using. However, due to the cool feeling of alcohol volatilization and the support in penetration, it is a high-performance water suitable for use in summer.