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What's the difference between the two?

Buffeting users can see whether they are buffeting friends through the code. What are the buffeting friends? All the latest codes of buffeting friends, let's have a look.

Complete code of shuaiyin Duanyou

Trembling friend code: two long and one short, Duan friend code: two short and one long, please don't remember wrong, it's embarrassing to remember wrong

Buffeting friend code is two long and one short. Maybe some relatives don't know each other very well. It's different from Duan you.

The king of heaven and the tiger of earth, stewed chicken and mushroom ---- the most classic sentence.

Baota Town River demon, mushrooms with pepper ---- isn't it funny.

The river demon uses the big move, the second floor bends down --- the second floor is not liked anywhere.

Don't worry about not being happy, the second floor comes out of the talent ---- verified the above sentence.

Titanium alloy dog's eyes, chastity has been used up.

Steamed bread, ow, steamed bread, ow.

As soon as you enter the story, it's like a sea. From then on, you are a passer-by.

You are Duan you, you dare to ask.

There are no goddesses and a lot of losers. Are female friends going to protest.

Loser turns lecherous, lecherous turns rogue --- human evolution.

The house man looks for the rotten girl, and the rotten girl has already been a man ---- tragedy, this is life.

If you want to be rich and sell sliced cakes, agaric loves bananas -- that's how life is.

In the wind and rain, I'm waiting for you.

Eight level strong wind, sit down and talk about life.

Hate is not born at the right time, the road ahead is very bleak, really sad - often this is the real life.

Find her for thousands of miles - loser can't afford it.

The Jade Emperor is the king's mother. Sprite is two yuan and five yuan.