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How often do you have a regular leave after weaning? After weaning menstruation does not adjust how

Women's menstruation will resume only after weaning according to their own conditions, but many women will have abnormal menstruation after weaning, which is quite common, so how to deal with irregular menstruation after weaning?

Mother in lactation has appeared menstrual flow, if the baby weaning time in the postpartum 3 months, of course, some mothers menstrual flow recovery slow, in the whole lactation may not appear menstrual flow, and in stop lactation 3 months after the return to normal menstruation.

How long does period come after weaning?

According to the research data, 40% of the mothers who did not breast-feed resumed ovulation at the 6th week of postpartum, resulting in menstruation; by the 8th to 12th week of postpartum, the proportion of mothers who did not resume ovulation and menstruation was about 35%. If the lactating mother wakes up again, the proportion of ovulation and menstruation will be recovered from 25% in the 12th week postnatal period, and the time needed for most lactating mothers to fully recover ovulation function is 18 weeks. However, it is sometimes difficult to determine the exact time of the first menstruation after childbirth in clinical practice, and a few mothers will start to have a small to moderate amount of intermittent bleeding immediately after childbirth.

It can be seen that there is a certain relationship between the recovery of postpartum menstruation and lactation. Generally speaking, if postpartum does not lactate, 1-2 months can resume menstruation, late, postpartum 3 months will also resume menstruation. And lactating women's menstrual tide recovery generally delayed for a long time, may not have menstrual tide in the whole lactation period. But after stopping breastfeeding, menstruation can resume within three months. Those who do not have menstruation beyond this period should go to the hospital to find out the reason.

Treatment of non menstruation after weaning Western Medicine

Western medicine mostly adopts the sequential therapy of estrogen and progesterone (also known as artificial cycle) after 1-2 cycles of treatment, most people can re menstruate. But these methods can only be used after weaning.

TCM therapy

Traditional Chinese medicine is mostly used in the treatment of nourishing yin and nourishing qi and blood or promoting qi and blood circulation. It may take a long time to recuperate, but the side effects are relatively small.

After weaning menstruation abnormal postpartum first menstrual vaginal bleeding, many mothers as menstruation, in fact, through the basic body temperature measurement, 60% of which is anovulatory, strictly speaking, anovulatory menstruation, not really menstruation. The amount and duration of bleeding is much longer than that of normal menstruation, and the menstrual cycle is not allowed. The recovery time of menstruation after childbirth is related to whether the mother breast-feeding, the length of breast-feeding time, the age of the mother and the recovery of ovarian function. Therefore, many mothers have abnormal menstruation for a period of time. Abnormal menstruation may include less or too much menstruation, amenorrhea, etc.

As the ovarian function of the mother is inhibited for a long time during pregnancy, although the fetus and placenta are discharged from the body after delivery, the recovery of this inhibition still needs a period of time. In addition to breastfeeding, it has the effect of delaying the recovery of menstruation. Therefore, menstruation recovers slowly, some recovers, but the cycle may not completely return to normal. In most cases, menstruation can be resumed after several months to half a year, and in some cases, it can only be resumed after more than one year. If the situation does not improve, you can go to the hospital for examination. If the mother's menstruation has come, but there is no regularity, then we should find out the cause of the disease as soon as possible. For example, postpartum depression and malnutrition may lead to irregular menstruation. At this time, mother should adjust her mood and arrange her diet reasonably. In addition, traditional Chinese medicine such as longan meat and motherwort can play a very good role in conditioning.