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How does breast have hard block to do after weaning? How to eliminate breast lump after weaning?

As we all know, many mothers will breast feed their babies and wean them after a period of time. After weaning, mothers are prone to breast lump symptoms. What's the matter? For expectant mothers, we must take good care of our bodies.

What's the matter with hard lumps in the breast after weaning? 1. Many people think that if there are hard lumps in the breast, they will disappear after the baby sucks. If they disappear, it's very normal. But if there are hard lumps after eating milk, it means that you may have mastitis. Generally, mastitis also has the feeling of being cold all over, like a cold, but also hot. Mild mastitis does not cause high fever. You need to eat them Antiphlogistic medicine, but if the fever is high, it needs to be injected. If it does not reduce swelling all the time, it needs to go to the hospital for incision and drainage when necessary.

2. If the baby doesn't empty the food, there will be lumps. This is caused by milk deposition. Want your baby to suck more, suck out the milk block, or your husband to help suck, before sucking, use a hot towel for a while, the edge is soft, let the back be sucking. If you can't, you have to go to the hospital and ask the doctor to help you squeeze out the milk! The best time for each lactation is about 15 minutes! In this way, the baby will get high-quality milk! Usually, you should drink less water and soup. It's better not to drink soup, wait for the milk block to disappear and then drink soup! In order to avoid aggravating the milk block!

3. In this case, it should be considered as a lump caused by milk deposition. The causes of milk deposition are: hypoplasia of the nipple (too small or sunken) hinders breast-feeding; too much milk makes the milk unable to be completely emptied; the milk tube is blocked, affecting milk drainage. Suggestion: hot water can be used for hot compress, local massage can be done, and the sucking machine can be used to help sucking, and try to suck as much as possible. If the mass does not subside all the time, or there are fever, pain and other conditions, you need to go to the hospital for treatment, and timely treatment under the guidance of the doctor, so as to avoid mastitis.

How does breast have hard block to do after weaning? Generally, after six months, the mother will gradually wean the baby. Weaning is also a gradual process of circulation. The mother can't act too fast. She should be patient enough to let the baby have a process of adaptation. But after weaning the breast has the hard lump how to do? May try the following method.

Please ask the milkman to dredge the breast

If the sucking machine can't suck out the extra milk, then ask the milkman to help. They have professional skills and experience to help the breast dredge. The effect is very good. Generally, the hard block can be eliminated.

Suck the milk out with a milker

If there is a milk knot, you can buy a sucking device to suck it. It may hurt a little when you suck it, but just bear it. If the milk knot is not very serious, you can use the sucking device to dredge it and eliminate the lump.

Shower breasts with hot water and massage

Use hot water to shower breast, massage breast gently, can also shake breast left and right, which is conducive to milk outflow, thus conducive to breast dredging.

Applying hot towel can relieve pain

If the breast has lumps and is very painful, you can use a hot towel to heat the lumps, which can help dredge the breast, but also reduce the pain.

Symptoms of breast mass after weaning

There are single or multiple masses on one or both sides of the breast, which usually appear in the outer upper part of the breast, in nodular, granular or strip shape, but mostly in pieces. The border of breast mass is not obvious, the texture is medium or slightly hard, it can move slightly, there is no adhesion with surrounding tissue when moving, it can have tenderness, the size of the mass is different, some are small as sand, and the large one can exceed 3-4cm. Breast masses increase before menstruation and shrink and become soft after menstruation.

Breast pain

General or bilateral breast has bilge ache, prickle or dull ache, some performance is teat ache or Sao urticant, when ache is serious, cannot touch. Breast pain fluctuates with the changes of mood and menstruation cycle, and it is often aggravated before menstruation or when you are angry and depressed. After menstruation, the pain will obviously reduce or disappear.