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Can you take a bath immediately after steaming? What are the precautions for steaming?

many girls like to use sweat steaming to eliminate toxins in their bodies and relax themselves. Can sweat steaming eliminate acne? Actually, sweat steaming can effectively eliminate toxins in their bodies, but do you know some precautions about sweat steaming? Can you take a bath immediately after steaming? Follow Xiaobian to get to know it.

1. Can steaming dispel acne

Sweat steaming can cure acne. Theoretically, sweat steaming can accelerate the discharge of toxins in the body, promote blood circulation, pore expansion can also better discharge the dirt in the pores, which is conducive to the recovery of acne. The effect of sweat evaporation on acne is limited, but we can apply the acne mask after the end of the sweat. At this time, the pores expand and the skin metabolism speeds up. The effect of using the mask will be better. Only after the sweat is finished, apply the mask directly to your face for about 20 minutes. Generally, acne is mainly caused by internal factors. It is necessary to pay attention to normal facial cleaning and water supplement.

2. Can you sweat if you have acne

Many people also found that the condition of acne on their face was more serious after sweating. In fact, this situation is a relatively normal response. Because the human body in the process of perspiration and detoxification, because the toxin discharged is too large to block the pores. In this case, you can continue to sweat to help better expel toxins from the body. Sweat steaming can make pores open, and it is also the performance of deep detoxification of skin. In the process of detoxification, it will accelerate the formation of potential pox, and the toxins in the body will be discharged to the outside. So there may be pox phenomenon yo!

3, sweat is not suitable for making facial mask.

We know that sweat steaming is to achieve the purpose of detoxification and slimming by sweating the human skin, so it's better to take a bath, remove makeup and clean the body before sweat steaming so as not to block the pores. In this way, sweat steaming can smoothly open the pores of sweat, sweat and detoxify, and help the sweat to be removed smoothly. Therefore, in the same way, it is impossible to make facial mask when sweating, otherwise it will affect the sweat from the pores. It is best to wait until after the sweat is finished, and then make the mask, which will be easier to absorb nutrients.

Precautions for bathing after perspiration

1. Do not take a bath immediately after steaming

It is not advisable to take a bath immediately after sweating and steaming. After 6 hours, the specific reasons have been stated above, and will not be explained here.

2. After steaming, it's better to wipe the sweat on your body first

Do not bathe temporarily after sweating, but also must wipe off the sweat with a towel, otherwise the pores in the sweating room will be open. If the sweat on the body is attacked by air drying, it is more likely to catch cold and get cold.

3. The bath water temperature after steaming should be about 40 ℃

Never use cold water for bathing after sweating, but do not raise the water temperature, about 40 ℃. Because the water temperature is too high, people will faint and skin will be damaged. If it's too low, it's easy to catch cold. 40 ℃ hot water is the most suitable. It can dilate blood vessels on the body surface, accelerate blood circulation and promote metabolism.

4. After sweating and steaming, you should take a bath in the heating room

Take a bath after perspiration in order to avoid getting cold, you'd better take a bath in a heated bathroom.

5. Don't use too much soap for bathing after steaming

Because too much soap can cause itching. People with dry skin should use fatty soap instead of alkaline soap; people with greasy skin should use neutral or alkaline soap.

6. Bath time after steaming should not be too long

Because sweat steaming itself makes people consume too much energy, and hot water bath will also make a lot of blood concentrate on the body surface, too long time is easy to produce fatigue, more seriously, it will affect the blood supply and various functions of the internal organs of the human body, making people collapse. Therefore, the bath time after steaming should not be too long, about 8 minutes is appropriate.