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How does little white shoe wear time long hair yellow to do? How to clean the yellow shoes?

a pair of small white shoes in spring is a versatile tool, which is loved by many people. For the beauty loving girls, is it a pair of hands? Although the little white shoes look better, they will turn yellow easily if they are worn for a long time. How to clean them?

1. Shoe powder method. You can put some white shoe powder on the yellow part of the shoes (it's sold on Taobao, it's very cheap), which can make your shoes look new. However, it should be noted that the use of shoe powder is dry, not wet. Of course, you can also wash and dry first, and then rub the shoe powder for better effect.

2. Neutral detergent method. When washing shoes, use neutral detergent (the so-called neutral detergent refers to the detergent with a pH value of about 7, which is suitable for the washing of silk, wool and other clothes, and can be bought in supermarket stores). Brush, especially in the yellow area, focus on washing, rinse with water after washing, and finally wrap the shoes with white paper (such as white toilet paper with strong water absorption), and then dry them. Can also be washed with softener, the effect is just as good!

3. White toothpaste method. After the shoe edge turns yellow, dip the white toothpaste into the toothbrush and brush repeatedly at the yellow part of the shoe edge, then clean it with water, cover it with white absorbent toilet paper, and dry it.

4. Beer soaking method. When the yellowing of the shoes is serious, it is recommended to wash them repeatedly with clear water, soak the washed shoes in beer for three minutes, then wrap the shoes with toilet paper, remember to wrap them all, and then dry them in a cool place.

5. Tips for washing shoes and drying them. White shoes are easy to turn yellow after washing. The best way to dry them is to put them in the washing machine and then in the shade. Remember, don't bask in the sun, and don't cover your shoes with toilet paper.

6. Remove the armour oil. First of all, we wipe the yellow area with nail washing water, and then clean it. At the same time, wrap it with toilet paper and dry it. This method is relatively simple.

7. Bleaching powder. If your shoes are pure little white canvas shoes, and are about to be eliminated, you can use this one. Bleach can quickly whiten your shoes, but it can also easily damage the decorative parts, as well as some leather white shoes.

8. Toothpaste. It is also popular on the Internet to use toothpaste to remove yellow. Zhu always knew that toothpaste can quickly clean stubborn stains, but there was no research on how to remove yellow. So this time, Zhu interviewed on a shoe in person.

9. Paper wrapped shoes. When we brush our shoes, wrap them with toilet paper. Don't put them in the direct sunlight. Try to put them in the cool and ventilated place. This reduces the yellowing of the shoes.

10. Use rice washing water. Why do shoes turn yellow? In fact, most of the reason is that sunlight reacts with some components of shoes, and the Taomi water just has antioxidant effect.