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Can decorate a house take housing accumulation fund? What condition does extraction housing accumula

Decorate the house to also can draw accumulation fund. According to the 13th five year plan of the Department of housing and urban rural development, the housing decoration can also draw the accumulation fund. After the news release, let a lot of pay housing provident fund buyers are very excited. When such a good policy can be implemented and how to raise it in detail are issues of concern to all of us. So for those who need to decorate the house, the accumulation fund in the account can also be used.

Industry insiders said that all parts of our province were unable to carry out decoration extraction before, but some cities have begun to explore the extraction standard. The regulations on the administration of housing provident fund (Revised Draft for examination) drafted by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development solicited public opinions and relaxed the conditions for withdrawing housing provident fund, among which there are clauses on which the housing provident fund can be withdrawn for decoration. 'after the news was released, some cities in our province began to find out the needs in this area and explore in the extraction. '

With the continuous strengthening of social competitiveness, people will use provident fund to buy houses or decorate new houses. People's life is becoming more and more colorful. People living in the metropolis are most worried about the problem of houses. Generally, when they buy a house, their money is basically used up. In this case, when they decorate, they need to use some other channels. So, how to draw accumulation fund for house decoration? What are the conditions for drawing accumulation fund?

What are the application conditions for housing provident fund allocation for decoration? When the depositor applies for housing provident fund allocation for decoration of self living housing, the following conditions shall be met:

1. Have a permanent residence or valid residence status in the province;

2. Certificate of ownership of the house or certificate of ownership of the right to use the House issued by the house property unit. If the buyer has not obtained the property right certificate of the new house, he / she can provide the full purchase invoice and the delivery notice of the developer;

3. Have the housing decoration contract, decoration budget and relevant data signed with the decoration enterprises approved by the competent department; the project budget table shall be provided for the self decoration of residents;

4. Have good credit, can ensure the authenticity of the housing provident fund decoration, and invest in the project construction before drawing the provident fund, and provide the first payment tax control invoice for housing decoration or the building materials invoice required by the project budget table (self decoration by employees)

Learn about the withdrawal of provident fund. According to the regulations on the administration of the housing accumulation fund, the requirements for drawing the accumulation fund generally meet the following conditions: (1) purchasing, constructing, renovating or overhauling the self living housing;

(2) leaving or retiring;

(3) completely losing the ability to work and terminating the labor relationship with the unit;

(4) leaving the country to settle down; or (5) repaying the principal and interest of the house purchase loan;

(6) the rent exceeds the prescribed proportion of the family's wage income.

Note: when withdrawing the provident fund, you cannot directly withdraw cash from the management core of the housing provident fund, but you need to transfer cards or funds. In case of withdrawal by card transfer, the bank can directly transfer the housing accumulation fund to the savings account opened by the individual in the bank; in case of withdrawal by transfer, the bank can only transfer the housing accumulation fund to the bank account of the unit, and then the unit can transfer it to the individual's salary account, but now the main withdrawal method is card transfer. When the lender uses the provident fund loan, it is better to repay more each term if it has the ability to pay for the surplus under the condition of not less than the lower repayment amount. The monthly overpayment will directly offset the loan principal, which will only reduce the total interest of repayment and shorten the repayment date for the lender, which is beneficial and harmless.