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How to buy a second-hand house?

If you want to buy a house, but you don't have enough money, what do you do? Go and get a loan. Want to loan, but do not know how to do the process? The following small compiled for you to buy a second-hand housing detailed loan process, let's take a look.

1. Sign sales contract

The buyer and the seller sign the housing sales contract, in which they agree that the buyer shall pay the housing fund through the second-hand housing loan, and agree on the down payment and the proportion of the loan. In this link, the buyer shall generally check the seller's house ownership certificate, water and electricity fee record and other vouchers at the same time of on-site house inspection.

2. Determine the entrustment relationship

The buyer and the Seller shall go to the real estate market of the district and county where the house is located to print the real estate sales agreement, and at the same time, the buyer and the Seller shall go to the local housing authority to sign the agreement on house collection and payment on behalf of each other, so as to clarify the entrustment relationship of transaction capital collection and payment on behalf of each other.

3. Appraisal of real estate

Because of the particularity of the second-hand house, the buyer needs to find an appraisal company to evaluate the purchased house first. The bank will take the lower of the transaction price and the appraisal price as the basis for lending. It should be noted that some banks will only accept the appraisal report of the designated appraisal company, while some banks have no requirements. Therefore, the buyer should consult the loan bank before the appraisal.

4. Handling loan guarantee

In order to ensure the safety of the loan, the general bank will require the buyer to provide a guarantee. The guarantor can be an individual with economic ability or a professional guarantee company. It should be noted that at present, some banks have launched unsecured second-hand housing loans. Therefore, buyers should be clear about the collection of guarantee fees from their banks before handling housing loans.

5. Down payment

The buyer shall pay the down payment to the loan bank with the house collection and payment agreement, and obtain the certificate of the down payment. At the same time, the buyer can apply for the second-hand house loan to the bank and submit all the loan application materials.

6. Signing loan contract

The bank will review the application materials submitted by the buyer. After the approval, the buyer can sign a loan contract with the bank. At the same time, the bank will notify the seller that the loan is payable.

7. Handle transfer procedures

The buyer and the Seller shall take the original and copies of the real estate card, the sales contract and copies, the identity card of the buyer and the seller to the real estate bureau for the transfer formalities, and the old land card to the Land Bureau for the replacement formalities.

8. Handling mortgage procedures

The buyer shall take the real estate certificate, land certificate transfer receipt, verified sales contract, deed tax and other materials to the real estate bureau to handle the mortgage formalities of the real estate.

9. Bank loans

After the bank receives the mortgage certificate, the loan is released, and the buyer obtains a new real estate certificate from the housing management department.

10. Repayment on time

The buyer shall repay the loan on time in accordance with the prescribed repayment method. After paying off the loan, the buyer went through the mortgage registration cancellation procedures, and the second-hand housing mortgage process was completed.