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Where is Xi'an where is the place where the wine is? How much is a bowl of wine?

Where's the place where you drop the bowl of wine and drink it? The friends who play it must be curious. After the video of dropping the bowl of wine became popular on the Internet, many tourists came here. It's the best advertising platform. Do you know where it is?

A bowl of wine is in yongxingfang. Yongxingfang food street in Xi'an integrates Guanzhong, Xifu, Dongfu, Shanbei, Shannan and other delicacies. It is only a few steps away from dongxinjie night market, which is familiar to foodies. It is a quiet place in downtown.

Recently, a shop here in yongxingfang, which can finish drinking and then throw bowls, has become a hot topic for the public. At the scene of "dropping bowls of wine", as long as you pay 5 yuan, you can not only drink a bowl of fragrant wine, but also smash the bowl.

Because this form is very special, it attracts many people to try. According to the text posted on the spot: drop bowls of wine, drop troubles, drop bowls of wine, drop blessings! Drink bowls of wine, the God of wealth will go with you, drink bowls of wine, good luck every year.