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Wechat accidentally delete friends how to get back? Can wechat delete friends be restored?

Can deleted wechat friends still be found? What should I do if I accidentally delete my friend's wechat? If this wechat friend is very important to you, I might as well learn about it. Then how can I recover the deleted wechat friend?

1. The easiest way is to find the information published by this friend in the wechat friends circle. This information will not be deleted with you deleting this friend.

2. The second simple method: if the friend has not published wechat information in the circle of friends, you can find your own address book and QQ friends. If you add friends through these two ways, you should be able to find them in the friends, and then add them again. However, this method is applicable to a small range, and has no effect on friends who add wechat numbers directly or scan wechat QR code.

3. You can remember each other's wechat. You can enter wechat - address book - Open '+', and then 'search number' to add again. Of course, if a popular name has many duplicate names, pay attention to distinguish when adding.

4. Mailbox retrieval method. If it is not completely deleted, it can be found in "deleted". Delete it completely and it won't be saved! On the left side of the mailbox - there is "deleted", click in there should be.

5. Passive waiting method. If the other party doesn't delete you, you will wait for the other party to chat with you and talk to you. At this time, you will find that there is a verification reminder message. Click the merit verification, ha ha, you will succeed.

6. The worst result is that the wechat of the other party is either you don't remember, or a bunch of characters similar to alien languages. Then you need help from other software.

1) if you are familiar with your mobile phone and have root permission, you can go to the directory of wechat to find the file in the friends list and find it from the file. The specific method is: enter the wechat folder - find the account name of the wechat you use - click on your account name, and find the audio file in the folder, which is full of your added friend account.

2) Download Mobile SQLite. Open SQLite and follow the path to data / data / Then: find a file with the format: DB to open. : write down the contents in the opened file with wechat account, and then add them back.

3) use mobile assistant, such as 360, Tencent's! Need a little keyword of wechat, if it's unexpected, find a friend you haven't deleted. Specific method: connect the mobile phone to the computer, select the disk, click search, use the search function of your computer to find out your friends or find the file with the saved name, and then find your friends' names.

IOS system and Android system delete friends by mistake as follows:

1. Click on the circle of friends.

2. Click your avatar.

3. Click "& hellip;" in the upper right corner of the phone.

4. Click 'message list'.

5. See the message list of friends you have commented on or commented on.

If you have commented on the other party before or have been commented by the other party, Congratulations, there must be your friends in this message list. Click the avatar to add back your friends, and it's done!

Wechat recovery of deleted friends

Method 1:

This method has been tried and tested. First of all, your wechat version is the updated version 5.2 (there is a magnifying glass above the version 5.2, which is used to find chat records). Then talk about the operation: under the search function, find the words you say with him or a few simple information words (note that it's impossible to find his name directly), then he will appear, click in, and the top will show the prompt of "add him as a friend". Then you understand.

Method two:

Enter from the common wechat group and add again.

But if the above method cannot be found, continue to try to find the deleted wechat friends by appealing. The specific operations are as follows:

Step 1: first, appeal the QQ that needs to be appealed. After the appeal is completed, the user will be given a receipt number. (in the process of appeal, you need to submit the basic information of thank you user, the QQ password used before, the information of security problem, email, etc., which must be true, because customer service will check the information registered with the user, and then help the user.)

Step 2. Now we need to prepare a QQ number with members, and then go to Tencent QQ's human customer service to complain. If you don't know about the complaint, you can search for 'Tencent manual customer service complaint' directly on Baidu, and then try to retrieve the deleted QQ wechat friends through the manual service. (the process is cumbersome, and all users need to be patient.).

Then users can try whether they can find wechat friends through the above methods. If users think about it well, they can still remember the cell phone number or wechat signal of the deleted wechat friends. Save a lot of trouble, just add wechat friends directly.

How to restore wechat chat records? The operation steps are as follows:

1. First, upgrade wechat or change your mobile phone and install the latest wechat software.

2. After the installation, you do not need to recover the content first, but log in to wechat first. It will be found that there are no bottles, chat records, etc.

3. After logging in to wechat account, click settings, and then select exit login. This step is mainly to generate wechat system files.

4. Then delete the newly generated garbled files from the files backed up by root, and then copy the original backup files to this folder. If it is not deleted, it must be completely overwritten.

5. Then connect the phone with USB cable, open the folder \ \ sdcard \ \ tenant \ \ micromsg, delete the newly generated backup file, and copy the old chat record document that was previously backed up. If it is not deleted, it must be completely overwritten.

6. After completion, close the folder and log in wechat again, you will find that the chat record is back.

How to recover after blacklist:

1. In the wechat settings interface, click to enter the "privacy" interface.

Then click 'address book blacklist'.

2. In the "address book blacklist" interface, click to select the friends to restore, and also click the icon in the upper right corner of the friend data interface, and select "remove blacklist" in the pop-up settings!