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What do you mean by the car signal? What's the difference between the two codes?

With the rise of live broadcast platforms such as fast hand and buffeting, there has been a buffeting signal. Recently, there has been a flow of buffeting signal, which is said to be used for car communication. Many netizens are not clear about the meaning of the signal. Let's learn about it with

What's the meaning of shaky tone shaky friend code?

Originally, the code came from the platform of 'inner story'. When you played more on the platform, you invented a code - didi (three speakers in total, one long and two short). It describes that when you press the horn on the road, you will get a response from Duan you. And shuaiyin follows Duan you to spread this stem.

What's the chattering car code

Buffeting friend code: two long and one short, Duan friend code: two short and one long, please remember!

If you meet a chattering car on the road, remember to honk the horn, it's "two long and one short". Duan's is "one long and two short". It's all drip sound, but the pause time is different, so do you remember?