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Best viewing time position of double star meeting month on April 8

Astronomy experts said that on the morning of April 8, Tianyu will perform the romantic astronomical landscape of "double star moon". At that time, if the weather is fine, the public of our country can enjoy a round of 'last quarter moon' as well as Mars and Saturn, which are not far from the moon. For astronomy lovers, don't miss this spectacle. When is the best viewing time for the double star meeting month?

Zhao Zhiheng, an astronomy education expert and director of Tianjin astronomical society, said that in April, the observation conditions of several bright planets are getting better and better. Among them, Mars and Saturn, two big planets running around the earth, gather in the southeast sky in the early morning, which is very striking.

Mars is orange red, while Saturn is a little yellow, so you can easily distinguish them with the naked eye.

At 4 a.m. on August 8, a round of 'last quarter moon' will not be lonely, and will come to get together with the two stars to form a beautiful picture of 'two stars meeting the moon'. Compared with a bright moon, Mars and Saturn are like guardians, which make the moon more beautiful.

At that time, one yellow and one red, two stars, and the bright moon compete with each other to form a beautiful landscape. Interestingly, the three celestial bodies are arranged in an inverted right triangle, which is very striking.

Mars is red, which was called "Mars" in ancient China. In ancient Roman mythology, it is compared to Mars, the God of war. Saturn is the farthest planet from the earth. In the telescope, it looks like a straw hat, known as the "Lord of the rings".

Astronomers have warned that as time goes on, Mars and Saturn will gradually disappear into the morning light, leaving only the 'last quarter moon' alone in the sky 'lonely and comfortable.

If you want to get up in the morning and go out for a look at the "double star meeting month", you should try to choose an open and wide field of vision, and avoid the city lights. If the qualified public can use binoculars to observe, the effect will be better.