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Does armpit desquamate meeting have fox odor? Does armpit desquamate operation can cause fox odor?

It's almost summer again. For many beautiful girls' papers, is it the season of flesh exposure again? But is it embarrassing if the body hair is too strong? Especially for girls, if the armpit hair is more vigorous, there will be no sense of beauty in the moment. Will there be any body odor after taking off the armpit hair?

Body odor is a kind of peculiar smell secreted by the sweat glands under the armpit, which has nothing to do with the removal of armpit hair.

The chemical components in depilatory cream can not only damage hair, but also stimulate sweat glands. If it is often used to cause axillary osmidrosis, it is inevitable that body odor is caused by the strong secretion of special glands called apocrine glands, which are distributed under the armpit, the pubic part and near the nipple

Depilation cream is to use chemical principles to corrode hair and make it spiral, soft, brittle and easy to break. Depilation cream contains a large number of chemical components, which can cause great damage to the inner layer cells of the skin, and also can cause wrinkles, irritation to the skin, frequent use or sensitive skin can cause redness, swelling, allergy or even rash sensitive constitution Use caution.

When we usually use it, we need to apply depilation cream directly on the skin for 5 to 10 minutes and 15 to 20 minutes. Such a long time will undoubtedly have an impact on the skin allergy.

The landlord can go to the hospital to check if you are allergic to the depilation products you use. If you have to use this kind of products, it is suggested that: 1. Use a bottle of medical alcohol to wipe the depilation cream after use to keep it clean and fresh.

2, after hair removal, pay attention to moisturizing skin with some gentle lotion to prevent hair from becoming rough and hard due to repeated use of drugs.