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Who is fan Chengcheng in the list of nine idols?

Last night, the final ranking of "idol trainee" came out! Congratulations to CAI Xukun, Chen Linong, fan Chengcheng, Justin, Lin Yanjun, Zhu Zhengting, Prince Yi, IMP and you Changjing! Which one do you like better for these nine people? Let's have a comment.

Ninth place: you Changjing

Changjing, the trainee of banana entertainment, won the last entrance place with 7.706054 votes, which is also a very good result. From the previous voting results, you Changjing has made a qualitative leap after the second period, and the ranking of the next several periods is also very stable. It is expected that you can make a debut this time.

Eighth place: Kid

Sure enough, the sky kid showed his extraordinary rap strength in the first phase, and he had participated in "hip hop in China" and accumulated a lot of popularity. In the rankings of these weeks, he has never dropped the top ten, so it's no surprise that he can make his debut in the eighth place.

Seventh place: Wang Ziyi

Wang Ziyi's appearance is very good. His first ranking has been in the 14th place. With his wonderful performance in the program, his ranking has increased steadily. The final ranking is not much worse than his previous ranking, which is worthy of the name.

Sixth place: Zhu Zhengting

Zhu Zheng Ting

Zhu Zhengting had participated in the second season of procedure 101 in South Korea before. He also had a very good performance in that competition, and his dance strength was also very strong, and his character was also very good. The sixth place came out to be honest. Xiaobian thought that the ranking was a little behind, but the gold always shines, and I believe that he will get better and better in the future.

Fifth place: Lin Yanjun

Lin Yan Jun

Lin Yanjun can say that the dark horse in this competition, although it is quite handsome, but because of the lack of early shots, there are not many people who pay attention to it. The previous rankings are all in addition to the top 10, especially the last ranking, in the 11th, this time came to the fifth, which is really surprising, but anyway, congratulations.

Fourth place: Justin Huang Minghao

Huang Ming Hao

Huang Minghao of Lehua entertainment, like Zhu Zhengting, has participated in the second season of procedure 101 in South Korea. Among all the trainees, rap is good, and the stage performance is also very good. Maybe because of the reason that he has participated in the competition before, the stage charm is really amazing.

Third place: Fan Chengcheng

Fan Cheng Cheng

Fan Chengcheng, who has been concerned about since his debut, has made a successful debut, and the ranking is really stable. From the beginning to the end, he has always been the third place. Fan Chengcheng is the most controversial of the 100 trainees, because her sister Fan Bingbing has gained more attention and many fans because of her interesting soul. Finally, fan Chengcheng takes back the vegetables stolen by others.

Second place: Chen Linong

Chen Li Nong

It's no surprise that Chen Linong will be the second junior editor. At the beginning, the child was concerned because of his fresh and lovely appearance. With his sweet smile, he was really cured in minutes. Although the middle ranking fell badly, he was always in the upper circle. This time, he was expected.

First place: Cai Xukun

Cai Xukun, who came out of position C, is absolutely worthy of his name. Seriously, among the 100 trainees, Cai Xukun has the best comprehensive strength. I have participated in the competition before, and I have also organized the men's team to make a debut. The stage experience is the richest of all the trainees, and the first one of all the trainees to get an A. when I participated in the competition, my popularity was very high. This time, I came out of position C, which was absolutely popular.

This is all the members of nine percent of the National Men's League, but it's funny that six of the nine members said rap. I don't know how to adjust the roles of the members later. The above is the final ranking of "idol trainee". I wonder if you are satisfied with this result?

First place @ Cai Xukun: 47.6400887 votes

Second place: Chen Linong @ super farmer: 20.441802 votes

Third place fan Chengcheng @ Adam 0616:15.51 million, 7014 votes

Fourth place Justin @ jjjustin0219: 14.57 million 4594 votes

Fifth place @ trainee18 - Lin Yanjun: 12.213 million, 1367 votes

Sixth place @ ZZT - Zhu Zhengting: 11.93 million 8796 votes

Seventh @ BBT Prince different: 8.56 million, 1329 votes

Eighth place @ kid - Wang Linkai: 7.85661 votes

9th place @ trainee18 - you Changjing: 7.7 million, 6054 votes