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What are the preferential activities of 2018 millet flour Festival? Which products will be reduced i

On April 3, the millet flour Festival officially opened. This year is the eighth anniversary of the establishment of millet. There are not only many new products sold, but also many goods will have preferential activities. What kind of preferential activities will millet flour Festival have? How much is the activity intensity of millet flour Festival? Let's learn with small editors of

What's the special offer of 2018 millet flour Festival?

1. Sales of millet mix2s

Xiaomi mix 2S is in the process of making an appointment and will be sold for the first time at the rice flour Festival on April 3.

2. Special price of mini rice noodle festival for Xiaoai speaker 99 yuan

Mini is making an appointment. The special price for rice noodle festival on April 3 is 99 yuan.

3. First sale of Xiaomi smart rearview mirror

The rice flour festival was first sold on April 3. Built in little love students, can listen to say, free hands, navigation, listening to a song of things. 6.86 inch high-resolution large screen, ADAS driving aid system, 1080p high-definition dash cam. Support dual frequency of all Netcom 4G and 2.4g/5g

WiFi signal ensures the real-time and smooth network in the car. At the same time, the rearview mirror itself can also be a WiFi hotspot, supporting other devices to connect to the Internet.

4. Millet Bluetooth collar headset

The price is 299 yuan. On April 3, the rice flour festival will be limited.

5. Mikia electric razor

Mikia electric shaver adopts 3-Head 360 & deg; floating veneer design, double ring cutter net, double ring blade, clean shaving and fast shaving. IPX7

It can be washed and cleaned directly, and can support dry and wet double shaving. The built-in lithium battery can last for 60 minutes under full power condition and shave about 30 times. The price is 199 yuan, and it will be sold for the first time at 0:00 on April 3.

How much will the price of millet flour Festival fall in 2018?

Among them, Xiaomi 5A and Hongmi 5 will be reduced by 200 yuan during the rice flour Festival, starting from 599 yuan, while Hongmi 5 plus, starting from 999 yuan. In addition, during the rice noodle festival, the entire mobile phone can enjoy 6 installments of interest free, and Alipay spends 3 periods without interest.