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15 taboos on tomb sweeping at Qingming Festival in 2018

Qingming Festival is a very important traditional festival in China. It is a festival to sacrifice ancestors. So what are the taboos in Qingming Festival? Let's take a look at it with Sihai net

1. Sacrifice is filial piety to ancestors

Qingming is an activity of sacrificing the dead. It is very important to sacrifice in the Qing and Ming Dynasties. In China or in Chinese eyes, ancestor worship is bound with filial piety. If you don't take part in ancestor worship, you are a person who is not filial, who forgets his ancestors. The meaning of worshiping mountains in the Qing and Ming Dynasties is tomb sweeping. There are many cemeteries in the south of the Yangtze River and in the south, so it is called worshiping mountains. The north is commonly known as Tomb Sweeping or grave hanging.

2. There is no ethnic difference in Tomb Sweeping on Qingming Festival

Tomb sweeping in the Qing Dynasty is the biggest day of ancestor worship and tomb sweeping in China. Therefore, most of the Han and some ethnic minorities in China are Tomb Sweeping on the Qingming Festival. Some ethnic groups will carry out similar activities in other days.

3. Why did Qingming sacrifice say "Qingming worship mountain"

The Qingming mountain worship here refers to the meaning of tomb sweeping. There are many cemeteries in the south of the Yangtze River and in the south, so it is called mountain worship. The north is commonly known as Tomb Sweeping or grave hanging. The meaning is the same, that is, an activity of sacrificing the dead. "Qingming", a poem written by Du Mu, a poet of Tang Dynasty, said: 'during the Qingming period, there are many rains, and pedestrians on the road want to break their souls. Where can a wineshop be found to drown his sad hours? A cowherd points to a cot mid apricot flowers. 'write the special atmosphere of Qingming Festival. In China, ancestor worship is bound with filial piety. If you don't take part in ancestor worship, you are a person who is not filial, who forgets his ancestors. (this article is compiled by yxx, editor of It contains thousands of knowledge and popular science skills. More highlights can be found in Sihai knowledge channel

4. Specific process of Tomb Sweeping

In the folk tombs, people will buy paper boxes, flowers, fruits and other sacrifices. When they come to the goal, they first clean the cemetery, and then offer incense, generally speaking, three incense sticks, a pair of wax. Then they offer sacrifices, burn paper money, and finally set off firecrackers to send them off. At last, they can leave some paper money to worship the local god of land and mountains.

5. The best time for Tomb Sweeping

Tomb Sweeping on the Qingming Festival is also called ancestor worship, which belongs to the activity of offering sacrifices to Yin people. Therefore, Mr. Li suggested that it's best at Youshi (5:00-7:00) in the afternoon, which is the time when the Yang drops and the Yin Qi increases. If it's really inconvenient to sweep the tomb after noon (1:00 in the afternoon), generally speaking, it's not allowed to worship the dead in the morning, because the morning is the time of Shinto.

6. Women can visit tombs on Qingming Festival

This is true. In ancient times, the reason why women could not worship their ancestors was that they discriminated against women.

7. Do not sacrifice ancestors at home on Qingming Festival

Since Qingming Festival is to sacrifice ancestors, it's best to sacrifice in person. However, considering that many migrant workers are inconvenient to go home from a long distance, they can face their ancestors' burial location at the riverside or crossroads where they are located, and then say some words of praise and burn some paper money, incense and wax.

8. Chrysanthemum should be bought to mourn the dead in Qingming Festival

According to the Chinese tradition, chrysanthemum is generally the flower of sustenance, which has the meaning of missing and missing. White chrysanthemum is the most suitable, but also with some green grass, such as lilies, green leaves, carnations, etc., will be more beautiful. Yellow chrysanthemum has the name of longevity chrysanthemum, which is more suitable for visiting patients. Generally, it is the best to buy a single number, such as three, seven, nine, etc.

9. The sacrificial dress in the Qing and Ming Dynasties should be mainly plain

In order to respect the dead, grave sweepers should be dressed with dignity, thinking and behavior. Generally speaking, it's proper to wear dark clothes and tidy clothes when sweeping tombs. It's proper to look solemn and solemn. You can't wear big red and purple colors for celebration or speak in disorder.

10. Do not take photos in the ancestral cemetery

In China, ancestor worship is not only to commemorate ancestors, but also to worship and pray for the dead. Special reminder to friends: be careful to take photos in the cemetery of ancestors, whether it's a picture of the tomb sweeper himself or a picture of the tomb sweeper with the cemetery. It's more taboo to take photos of other graves. Otherwise, your fortune is likely to decline and all aspects are out of balance. Therefore, when you visit a family member's grave, you should concentrate on not looking around, especially not taking photos in the cemetery.

11. Marriage is not allowed in the Qing and Ming Dynasties

No, March Qingming Festival belongs to a month with heavy Yin Qi. This month is taboo in China, and July is the same. Marriage is a big event in life. Mr. Li suggested that we should avoid this month. It's not a happy event that has hit the dead.

12. Avoid taking Yin Qi home

At the end of the worship, firecrackers will be set off to leave, because firecrackers can ward off evil spirits; you can also wear some Buddha statues, spells and other items. After going home, stand at the gate and kick the ground three times with your left foot, then enter the house.

13. Taboo to visit friends and relatives during the Qingming Festival

It's better not to visit relatives and friends on the day of Qingming Festival. It's better to visit the next day! Because Qingming Festival is a special time of sacrifice. At this time, it's very unlucky to visit relatives and friends. Of course, you can also invite friends and relatives to eat out. In the same way, it's best to avoid choosing Qingming Festival as the wedding day.

14. Don't talk or run about outings

Qingming season, spring flowers, you can go out to feel the beauty of nature, of course, outing is the most appropriate. However, we need to pay attention not to go to other people's sacrifice for more mountains! Don't say unlucky words, let alone disrespectful words to the dead. We should be careful in the evening activities.

15. Never buy shoes before the festival

Shoes are the same as "evil", so they are usually not bought at this time; if you really need them, you should stagger the time to buy them again. We can't accept and give shoes to others.