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How to restore wechat chat records by careless deletion? Details of wechat chat record recovery meth

How to restore the deleted wechat chat record? Many friends want to find the deleted wechat chat record. If you change a new mobile phone, the previous chat record will not be saved, so how to restore the previous chat record? Learn from Xiaobian.

Wechat chat record saving instructions:

Chat records (including video, voice, picture and text) can be saved all the time when the memory of mobile phone is sufficient.

How to restore wechat chat records?

The operation steps are as follows:

1. Please connect the data line of the mobile phone with the computer to ensure that the data line interface of the mobile phone can be recognized by the windows platform normally. Android mobile phone needs root processing. For Apple mobile phone, please download the latest iTunes software in the computer, and then use iTunes software to back up the data of Apple mobile phone. (install the latest wechat software if you want to upgrade wechat or change your mobile phone in the simulated lost record environment. )

2. After the installation, you do not need to recover the content first, but log in to wechat first. It will be found that there are no bottles, chat records, etc.

3. After logging in to wechat account, click settings, and then select exit login. This step is mainly to generate wechat system files.

4. Then delete the newly generated garbled files from the files backed up by root, and then copy the original backup files to this folder. If it is not deleted, it must be completely overwritten.

5. Then connect the phone with USB cable, open the folder \ \ sdcard \ \ tenant \ \ micromsg, delete the newly generated backup file, and copy the old chat record document that was previously backed up. If it is not deleted, it must be completely overwritten.

6. After completion, close the folder and log in wechat again, you will find that the chat record is back.

This is the way to retrieve the chat record of wechat account brought to you. I hope it can help you.

What I recovered was the voice wechat chat record, as well as video and pictures. As for the text, I'm studying it, and I'll share it with you when it comes out.

1. To restore the deleted wechat chat record. We need to know what kind of file wechat chat record is:

The file is saved in the path \ \ Tencent \ \ micromsg \ \ e6480ecde7e94b4a7a1dd66b5576362a \ \ of the memory card.

2. The audio file is in arm format and starts with MSG. My folder is saved in voice2 directory. If you don't understand your friends, you can find them according to the path in the figure below.

3. Next, we will connect the mobile phone to the computer and open the 360 file recovery tool (you can find it in 360 security guard). Select the removable disk (that is, the drive letter of your phone). Click start scan.

4. After scanning, you can see all the deleted files in the phone. The file that starts with MSG is the one we want to recover. In order to save trouble, I directly click Select all. If there are too many files, you can only click the file at the beginning of MSG. Click restore selected file

Saved in a drive letter on the computer. Do not save the drive letter on your phone. To avoid coverage.

5. Recovering files. If you are prompted how to handle the file. Please see if its file name starts with MSG. If you choose Rename, you will not miss recovery. If not, skip it.

6. Open the directory you just saved. Because I just chose all. It includes audio files, pictures and video files. Next we have to do is screening. Delete some useless documents first. Only files that can be viewed are retained. Here, not only voice, but also video and picture files are recovered. Open these files one by one to find the files you want. (you can put it directly into the player and let him play each recording in sequence. )

7. The arm format document of the folder is all the chat voice records. As long as these files are saved, voice chat records are backed up. Just turn it on with storm video.

8. Pause the player after finding the desired recording. Right click in the play menu and select "open select file directory" to find the corresponding file. Save this file in other places. At this point, the problem of how to restore the deleted wechat chat record will be solved.