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Why can't pregnant women go to the tomb on Qingming Festival? The truth of forbidding pregnant women

There are two or three days to Qingming Festival. Qingming Festival is a day for many people to return home to worship their ancestors. But for pregnant women, it is very special, because many places do not allow pregnant women to do so. Why on earth?

I. folk saying that pregnant women should not go to the grave to worship their ancestors

In the folk, there are many rules and regulations for ancestor worship, tomb sweeping and going to the grave. People dare not not disobey these customs which have been handed down from ancient times to the present, and have to pay attention to them. After all, the folk customs are so, if they are violated, they are afraid to affect their own fortune.

But pregnant women can't sacrifice their ancestors, which is a custom that has been circulating for thousands of years in our country. Generally speaking, pregnant women will not attend the activities of ancestor worship in tomb festivals such as Qingming and Chongyang. According to the folk custom, if a pregnant woman goes to sacrifice to the ancestors, it will affect the fetus in the abdomen, and it will cause the fetus to see some unclean things when it is born, and it is often entangled with dirty things, or it will cause the fetus to be weak and sick, and entangled with ghosts and gods, so pregnant women should not go to sacrifice to the ancestors; in addition, the folk custom also believes that pregnant women should have the protection of the fetus to have a safe child, and then they can have a healthy baby, and The fetuses are fond of Yang Qi and avoid Yin Qi. Among them, the cemetery and ancestral tomb are places with extremely deep Yin Qi. If pregnant women visit here, they are afraid that the Yin Qi of the tomb will affect the fetuses, which will lead to abortion of pregnant women, and the fetus is not guaranteed. Therefore, there has always been a saying that pregnant women are not suitable to go to the grave to worship their ancestors.

II. Scientific statement that pregnant women should not go to the grave to worship their ancestors

From a scientific point of view, in the Qing and Ming Dynasties, every family Hu prepared many offerings in advance to sacrifice their ancestors and ancestors, so the Qing and Ming Festival is a time when there are a lot of people and people are crowded.

However, most of the ancestral graves are on some high mountains. The mountain road is rugged and hard to walk. Pregnant women have six armours in their arms. If they go to worship their ancestors in this way, the body of the pregnant women who are easily damaged by the crowded flow of people and the rugged mountain road are hard to walk, which leads to the pregnant women who are poor in physical fitness. They are over tired, over tired and prone to fall down, which leads to the risk of miscarriage. It can be seen that pregnant women are not suitable to participate in the activities of ancestor worship, It's not unreasonable. In addition, paper money and firecrackers are needed when going to the grave to worship the ancestors. These actions will cause the pregnant women to be frightened, and also easily scare the fetus in the abdomen. The reason for the weather is that it rains one after another in Qingming. Qingming is a rainy season. Traveling at this time is not conducive to the safety of pregnant women. All of the above shows that pregnant women should not go to the grave to worship their ancestors!