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What about the new sandals in summer? How to deal with the new sandals?

For many girls who love beauty, it's summer time for Meimei to wear sandals, but the newly bought sandals are easy to grind their feet. Do you know what's going on? Here's how to prevent the newly bought sandals from grinding their feet. Let's take a look at them together.

1. Wine immersion

Pour the white wine (about 25g) into the new leather shoes, shake it several times, put it on for an hour, the leather will no longer be hard, and the shoes will no longer be pinched. If it's the edge of leather shoes to polish feet, such as the heel, you can dry the wet paper towel, and then fully soak the white spirit, fix it on the leather shoes with a clip, and place it for one night, and then wear it the next day, then you won't polish your feet.

2. Pressure method

If the edge of a new leather shoe is partially ground, wet towel can be used to cover the ground part for a few minutes to make it moist and soft. Then the cylindrical object (such as glass bottle) is used to roll and press it several times to make the ground part smooth and even, and the foot will not be ground again.

3. Wedge palm technique

If the new leather shoes are seriously clipped, wet towels can be used to cover the wet shoes, and then the shoes are wedged to support the big shoes, so they can be worn smoothly.

4. Hammering method

If the sole of a new leather shoe is polished, it can be covered on the shoe crutch, and it can be knocked hard with a hammer to make the polished part smooth. If there is no shoe crutch, it can also be replaced by other ironware.

5. Solid glue dissolving method

After dissolving with solid glue, drop it onto the decorative nail for grinding feet, and then it will be OK. You can stick a small piece of soft cloth before the glue hardens, as long as you are careful.

6. Newspaper wetting method

Knead the waste newspaper into a ball, wet it (slightly) with water, then pack it with a piece of newspaper, and then put it into the place where the shoes are polished. It must be plugged. This method is absolutely useful.

7. Blow method

For a part of the foot grinding, such as the back heel, the side of the toe, which will wear blisters, you can use a hair dryer, blow according to the part of the foot grinding, until the blown leather becomes soft, and then hit with hard objects, this method is particularly suitable for the shoes with the heel grinding.

8. Liquor method

Apply white wine to the place where the feet are ground in the shoes, soak for about 5-15 minutes, wait for it to be slightly soft, then put it on for walking, and do not grind the feet after drying. You can also spray alcohol on the cloth strip until it is wet, then fill the cloth strip with shoes, and wear it the next day.

9. Tape method

Use adhesive tape to stick it on the place where shoes and feet are ground, and it will not be too ground after a period of time.

10. Trampling

Fold the one that grinds your feet inside and dent it. It's like stepping on a slipper. It'll be much better in a few days.

11. Hammering method

Wet cloth covers the place where the feet are grinded, and then use a small hammer to smash it gently and repeatedly to make it soft and gentle, and then wear it without grinding the feet.

12. Anti abrasion paste

Buy a special anti-wear patch for grinding feet, it's a bit like a band aid, but it's much softer.