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What is the brand of UAV among the trees in the south? How much is the same UAV with arbor in the so

The TV play "there is a tree in the South" starring Chen Weiting and Bai Baihe is on air. The plot of the TV play is based on the UAV. In the play, because the UAV Laboratory of Nanqiao let Shi Yue and Chang Jianxiong meet again, and at the same time, Shi Yue also launched his own revenge. What is the brand of UAV that often appears in the drama? Can UAV be bought in real life in TV drama?

South arbor is adapted from the novel of the same name by Ruwei Xiaohu. It is a story based on UAV industry background. This novel theme also attracts the attention of many friends who love UAV. In the play, South arbor has a unique love for UAV and great talent in UAV, but it is a real learning slag in life. Nanqiao's UAV R & D company "instant flight" is in financial crisis, so she has no choice but to turn to Shiyue for help. Therefore, the two people's lives have an intersection, and the later story unfolds slowly.

What is the brand of "arbor in the South"?

We all think that the aircrafts in "trees in the South" are Dajiang UAVs, but in fact, they are not. Although Dajiang UAVs are well-known, in fact, the aircrafts in the play are Yihang UAVs.

Arbor in the south, as the first domestic TV play with UAV as the background, UAV is not only the story background, but also the role of Yuelao. It plays the role of love for Nanqiao and Chen Weiting played by Bai Baihe.

In the play, Nanqiao, a well-off family, is desperate for many times because of his research and development of instant flight, and his time use also rises and falls sharply because of the UAV. The two people, who are not related to each other, meet and know each other under the UAV's line. They not only work together to make instant flight get new life, but also find their original dream in emotional communication.

We all think that the aircraft appearing in the play is Dajiang UAV, in fact, it is not. Although Dajiang UAV is well-known, in fact, the aircraft appearing in the play is Yihang UAV.

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