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How to clean clothes with gum? How can I get the gum off my clothes?

There are often some friends who accidentally stick gum to the sweater when they eat it, which is very difficult to clean. Do you know how to clean the clothes when they stick gum? Actually, there are cleaning skills when they stick gum to the clothes.

What to do with chewing gum on sweater

If the sweater is stuck with gum, the following methods can be used to solve the problem, and the effect is very good.

1. When you find that the clothes are pasted with gum, do not rub it with your hands, because it will embed the gum into the fabric of the clothes. If possible, try to cool the gum and peel it off the clothes. If the peeling is not good and there are stains left, it can also be removed with volatile oil or nail washing water.

2. Spread a piece of white paper on the gum glued to the clothes, and then iron it with an electric iron for two or three minutes, and the gum will stick to the white paper.

3. Put the ice on the gum. When the ice melts, the gum can be easily taken down.

4. Put the clothes with chewing gum into a plastic bag, and then put it in the refrigerator to freeze for an hour or two. When the chewing gum is frozen hard, it can be rubbed off.

5. Put the egg white on the gum, rub it with your hands, and then wash it in water.

6. If you accidentally stick gum on your clothes, use a piece of ice to press on the gum for a while, then it can be removed easily.

7. After the clothes are pasted with chewing gum, do not crease the cloth where the chewing gum is pasted, or try to tear it off immediately in a hurry, because it is likely to embed the chewing gum into the cloth seam. You should cool the gum with cold water or ice water

8. When the gum solidifies and hardens, peel it off carefully. If there are still stains, remove them with volatile oil or nail washing water.

9. The clothes can be pasted with chewing gum or frozen in the refrigerator to make the gum hard and easy to remove

10. Clothes glued to gum can be soaked with cotton and vinegar, and gum can be wiped off easily;

11. For the gum mark on the clothes, you can use a knife to scrape it off first, take the egg white and smear it on the vestiges to make it loose, then wipe it off one by one, and finally wash it in soapy water and clean it with clear water;

12. You can also wrap the clothes in plastic bags and freeze them in the refrigerator for half a day. When the chewing gum on the clothes hardens, take it out and rub it gently, the chewing gum will soon fall off without any trace!