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What foods in daily life can lead to precocious puberty? Summary of foods leading to precocious pube

Many data show that children with precocious puberty will affect their height later. Children with precocious puberty will be about 5-15 cm shorter than their peers. Therefore, precocious puberty attracts the attention of many parents. Precocious puberty will not only bring inferiority to children, but also affect their health and development, so it is particularly important to pay attention to what foods in daily life will lead to precocious puberty?

What foods can cause precocious puberty?

Off season fruits and vegetables: Winter strawberries, watermelons, spring peaches, pears, bananas and other fruits and vegetables, many of them are ripened through 'ripening agent'. Children eat them for a long time, which is easy to lead to precocity.

Supplements: many mothers are popular to give their babies royal jelly, colostrum, etc. colostrum contains a lot of gonadotropins. Adolescent children are easy to enter puberty in a long time.

Medicated diet: now many families have a strong concept of health preservation. Medicated diet is very common on the table, but it is not suitable for children to eat. The herbs in medicated diet, such as medlar, dangshen, are not suitable for children to eat.

Fried food: high calorie food will lead to excessive retention of fat in the body, resulting in endocrine disorders, leading to precocious puberty, and the oil will oxidize and denature after repeated high temperature, which is also one of the reasons for precocious puberty.

Foreign fast food: the chicken in foreign fast food contains a lot of hormones to promote growth. Children eat it for a long time to promote the development of the body.

6 drinks: experts have found that high-temperature drinks can also lead to precocious puberty in children. It is recommended to drink less drinks for children's health.