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What's the reason of easy hair loss in spring?

women with long hair are always more prone to hair loss than women with short hair. At a certain stage and season, hair loss is always more serious. So what's the matter? Next, let's take a look at it with sihaiwang Xiaobian?

Reason 1: tight hair

For the convenience of life, many women are used to tie their hair tightly, but such behavior will lead to the blood circulation of the scalp is not smooth enough, so it will lead to hair loss.

Reason 2: genetic factors

Many women's hair loss is caused by family heredity, so this is a common phenomenon.

Reason 3: lack of nutrition

The growth of hair also needs nutrition supplement, but most of the time, the hair will fall off because of the lack of nutrition. When the nutrition of the body is delivered to the scalp, it is very little, or even no, which will lead to such a situation. (this article is compiled by yxx, editor of It contains thousands of knowledge and popular science skills. More highlights can be found in Sihai knowledge channel

Cause 4: endocrine disorders

Under the condition of high tension or depression for a long time, it will cause the hair to fall off, and it will also cause other adverse physiological reactions inside the body.

Reason 5: frequent tossing of hair

Women like to do articles on their hair most, so regular hair change or hair care will have a certain impact on the quality of hair, so hair loss is inevitable.

Reason 6: scalp hygiene

In the case of unsanitary scalp, it will lead to various skin diseases, and it will also have a certain impact on the loosening of hair follicles, so under the long-term effect of virus, it will lead to hair loss.

Cause 7: disease

Because some pathological reasons also lead to hair loss, and sometimes accompanied by other symptoms, so we should check it in time to avoid unnecessary trouble.