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How to buy a cheap ticket on Qingming Festival? Buy cheap air tickets

Now when we arrive at the holiday, we are like staying in a place where others are tired of for two days, but the air tickets are too expensive and the train is too time-consuming, so how can we book cheap air tickets? Now, let's follow to have a look?

book air tickets through the airline website

If you prefer to get travel tickets through ticket agency, it is recommended to browse the official websites of five major domestic airlines (Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, HNA and Shenzhen Airlines) at least before purchase. These companies have more flights in major cities in China due to their large number of flights, so they have more choices in theory.

On the official websites of these airlines, columns are often created to publish special offers that are currently being implemented. If there are flights you plan to travel, you will make a lot of money. This kind of ticket usually takes about 30% off the normal fare, and even 10% off the lowest one. Sometimes, if you support direct payment by credit card, you may get dozens of yuan more discount or insurance.

Using discount ticket search engine correctly

Using discount ticket search engine to select cheap tickets is the most convenient way, because these websites will automatically arrange the ticket prices of airlines from low to high according to your travel schedule and destination. The only thing you have to do is to determine the flight time according to your own time.

The most valuable thing is that through the search engine, you can even select a time interval, and then observe the trend of ticket prices in the future, and choose a reasonable bottom price according to your travel plan. (this article is compiled by yxx, editor of It contains thousands of knowledge and popular science skills. More highlights can be found in Sihai knowledge channel

Separate purchase of round-trip air tickets

In order to ensure their total profits, airlines tend to reduce the price of air tickets to travel and raise the price of return tickets. This is a common move of many airlines, from which passengers can find the difference in favor of themselves.

Looking for a transfer from near to far

If you want to save money and have plenty of time, you may as well have a try.

Tips for buying tickets before long holiday

To buy cheap air tickets, we need to grasp the psychology of airlines -- those who work outside before the long holiday or the Spring Festival return to all parts of the country from the big cities. Therefore, before the Spring Festival, the ticket prices from small and medium-sized cities to big cities are very low, some even less than 20% off. On the contrary, everyone has to return to work in the big cities after the festival, so the ticket price is starting to be tense, and the ticket price of returning from the big cities to the small and medium-sized cities is becoming lower. If you want to go to a place not far from a big city, it's better to fly there first, and then turn to the short distance ground road traffic, which is also very easy.

6 more discount for group purchase of air tickets

Through travel agencies and other air ticket agents, you can buy air tickets in groups, and use the agreements between agents and airlines to buy cheaper team tickets. However, group buying tickets for popular routes usually requires half a month in advance to apply to travel agencies. Only when there are enough empty seats can travel agencies issue tickets.