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What are the jokes about April Fool's day? All the jokes about April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day is a day of trickery. It's the best time to get closer to people by joking with them on this day. Let's have a fun with the following passages about April Fool's day. Let's follow the small edition of

1. I have my birthday on April 1 every year. I say to others, 'today is my birthday. Please have dinner in the evening. 'they don't believe it.

2. Teach you how to draw a self portrait: first, write down your name on the paper, m on the first word, w on the bottom, E on the left, w on the last word, Q on the right, and then connect the letters with an arc. How about it? It's very similar! You are so handsome!!!

3. It's April Fool's day. Can you play something with some technical content, such as charging me 100 yuan for the phone bill to let me guess who charged it, sending me a box of delicious food to let me guess who gave it, putting the apple 6S. Plus in my pocket to let me guess who did it, throwing a pile of big money at me to let me guess who smashed it? These are all OK. Young people don't always follow the same routine, they should Have the spirit of innovation, tomorrow I don't want to see you no progress!

4. Sister: brother in law, I can finally estimate the courage to say this to you today.

Brother in law: really? Don't let your sister hear you! Say it!

Sister: brother in law, happy April Fool's Day!

Brother in law...

5. A long time ago, an old fisherman took his grandson to the sea to fish. He didn't expect to encounter the tsunami. Grandson was worried, so he said to his grandfather: 'grandpa is going to have a strong wind. Let's go back. '

But his grandfather didn't agree: 'Dear grandson, Grandpa, I haven't seen any storm before. I'll be fine. '

As soon as the voice fell, a huge wave broke the oars of the rowing boat.

So Grandpa said: 'my dear grandson, the oar is over. '(tell it to your friends

6. The man picks up the lamp and calls out the lamp God. Lamp God: 'today is April Fool's day. Only when you make a vow can you realize it by saying the opposite.'

Man: 'God, please let me be the ugliest, poorest, poorest person in the world who will never be loved

Lamp God: 'OK. I got you. Ha ha

7. My girlfriend is a Boba. I asked her jokingly: 'isn't it all silica gel

She nodded and said, 'yes!'

Seeing that my face was white, she laughed and comforted me and said: 'today is April Fool's day, I lied to you! Actually, it was made of my own fat. When I was a man, I was fat. '

8. It's said that today's April Fool's Day! I called my boss at the first time and said, "boss, I will not do it!"!

Boss: wait for the finance department to settle the salary.

Me: Happy April Fool's day, boss!

Boss: I'm just April Fool's day. You'd better settle your salary!

Should I get swollen? Who can help me? Hurry, online, etc... ...