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Nutritional value of fruit dinosaur egg

Nutritional value of fruit dinosaur eggs

1. Promote digestion

Snow plum can promote the secretion of gastric acid and digestive enzyme, and increase gastrointestinal peristalsis. Therefore, eating plum can promote digestion, increase appetite, and is a good food therapy product for those who are short of gastric acid, full after eating and have a secret stool.

2. Clearing liver and promoting diuresis

Fresh plum meat contains many kinds of amino acids, such as glutamine, serine, glycine, proline, etc. it is beneficial for the treatment of cirrhosis ascites.

3. Antihypertensive, cathartic and antitussive

Li kernel contains amygdalin and a large amount of fat oil. Pharmacology proves that it has a significant effect on promoting water and blood pressure, accelerating intestinal peristalsis, promoting dry stool discharge, as well as relieving cough and expectoration.

Notes on eating fruit and dinosaur eggs

1. The consumption of plums should not be excessive, which is easy to cause asthenia heat, brain distention and damage the spleen and stomach;

2. Children with spleen deficiency and phlegm dampness should not eat more, because more food is easy to produce phlegm dampness, hurt the spleen and stomach, and also damage teeth;

3. Patients with acute and chronic gastroenteritis should not take it;

4. Do not eat plums that are not ripe;

5. Eating plums should not be the same as honey, duck eggs, sparrow meat, chicken and herring. These foods and plums will be different.

6. Fever, thirst, deficiency of tuberculosis, bone steaming, liver disease and ascites, mute or aphasia of teachers and actors, chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis are especially beneficial to eat.

7. Plums contain high content of fruit acid, which can hurt the spleen and stomach if eaten more. Excessive consumption may cause stomach pain, ulcer disease, acute and chronic gastroenteritis.

8. It is easy to produce phlegm and dampness, hurt the spleen and stomach, and damage the teeth. Therefore, spleen deficiency, phlegm dampness and children should not eat more.

9. Kidney disease patients can't eat plums, because the acid content of plums is very large.