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Is it OK for women to eat fish during menstruation? What is the best fish for a woman to eat during

women have low resistance and weak body during menstruation. Therefore, it is necessary to have a reasonable diet during this period. What fish is good for menstruation? Let's take a look at it with

what kind of fish to eat in menstruation is the best cuttlefish.

During menstruation, you can eat fish, because women need nutrition during menstruation. Fish is rich in nutrition and easy to digest and absorb. Fish is a high protein food. Protein can adjust the weakness of menstruation and enhance resistance.

Especially cuttlefish, which is rich in protein, contains calcium carbonate, cuticle, mucilage, and a small amount of sodium chloride, calcium phosphate, magnesium salt, etc. its shell has the functions of nourishing blood, promoting menstruation, promoting milk, nourishing spleen, benefiting kidney, nourishing Yin, regulating menstruation, and stopping menstruation. It can treat women's disorder of menstruation and blood circulation, edema, dampness, hemorrhoids, beriberi, etc. Therefore, cuttlefish has a good therapeutic effect on female anemia and amenorrhea.

There is a folk saying that fish is the hair of disease, which has no scientific basis, can not be believed, and can not give up the healthy diet habit of eating fish to supplement nutrition. However, eating boiled grass carp in menstrual period will aggravate the edema symptoms, and it is easy to produce a sense of fatigue, so it is necessary to be careful.