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What wild vegetables can I eat in spring? What are the effects of these wild vegetables?

usually, we may treat these wild vegetables as weeds, which are not in our eyes at all. However, they can also be a nutritious and delicious dish. Some of them not only taste delicious, but also have a variety of functional effects, which are good for the body. Now let's take a look at them with

Malantou, many friends like to eat this. In spring, we can see many aunts and aunts in their fifties looking for this on the dense lawn. It is said that it has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification. Hot water for a cold or stir fry, the taste is very good.

Purslane, this is in the rural vegetable garden, or the edge of the ridge, there are many wild ones. The taste of cold sauce is a little sour, or stir fried in soy, which also has the effect of detoxification, detumescence, antiphlogistic and so on. It's good to eat this if it's on fire. But don't eat too much. I tried to plant some in the flowerpot by myself, and the long ones were very prosperous.

Perilla leaves, the taste of Perilla is quite special, and ordinary people may not accept it. But perilla fried cucumber, perilla fried snail, are very delicious. Its function is good for spleen and stomach, stop vomiting and so on. It can be used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Dandelion, it has the function of detoxification and diuresis, but every spring, the Yard Lawn of the community is full of dandelion, and the leaves are very tender. The elder sister I know always gets a lot of them to go home and cook. It is said that some people abroad make salad of its young leaves.

Toon, there are a lot of Toon in the outskirts of my town. I can't distinguish them. Unless I ask the old people in the countryside, they will have experience to distinguish them by looking at the shapes and smelling the smells. Fried eggs with Chinese toon taste good. Now it seems that there is a special artificial species of this.

Shepherd's purse is familiar to us. Children who spent their childhood in the countryside should not be unfamiliar. It must be unforgettable to dig shepherd's purse in the field with baskets. Shepherd's purse dumplings are the best.

Mint, in our river, there are so many wild plants. It grows very fast and its roots are very invasive. I saw a friend who had eaten peppermint fried meat in Yunnan. It's said that it tastes good. The wild peppermint is native peppermint. There are many kinds of peppermint. You need to distinguish them before eating.

Wolfberry leaves. In spring, there are old people picking fresh and tender wolfberry leaves from the countryside in our small market and selling them in the market. It is said that it has the effect of clearing the liver and brightening the eyes. Eating it is good for the body and healthy wild vegetables.