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What's the difference between the old version and the new version of the sun proof small gold bottle

When it comes to sunscreen, many people know that it's a famous sunscreen brand in Japan. In summer, almost all girls must have a sunscreen equipment. This year, sunscreen launched a new generation of small gold bottle sunscreen. What's the difference between the new and the old one? Let's learn about it together with Xiaobian.

What's the difference between the new and the old

The main difference between the new and the old models is that the new model has faster film-forming, more waterproof, and the new model also has skin care ingredients, with a more hydrated texture.

1. Sunscreen technology will be upgraded again!

Shiseido has reformed and upgraded the waterproof and anti perspiration membrane technology, which is more wall forming, not easy to take off membrane and more durable. This new technology will be applied to the new small gold bottle.

2. Added 50% skin care ingredients

According to the investigation of sunscreen, UV is the main cause of dry skin, fine lines and skin aging. The products with high sunscreen effect also have a relatively large burden on the skin. The new type of sunscreen small gold bottle, small gold tube and small white tube are all added with 50% skin care ingredients, beauty ingredients and a variety of moisturizing ingredients to moisturize the skin and prevent the skin from drying and damage. Sun protection and skin care.

3. New emulsification technology

In addition, the small gold bottle also uses a new emulsification technology, so that different kinds of water and oil can be mixed freely, and the coating is smoother. It can realize the sense of using light and thin water, but it has strong waterproof ability. You can go up the mountain and down the sea

4. Sun protection factor: spf50 + / PA++++

It is still the strongest sunscreen, waterproof and sweat proof effect. Add 50% skin care ingredients to moisturize. More suitable for water entertainment, and sweating more summer. Because the sun protection function is stronger, plus its waterproof and Perspiration resistance is enhanced to infinity, for people who have long outdoor activities, ash is often suitable. The texture of the emulsion is refreshing, non sticky and well extensibility. And fresh citrus fragrance, not only for the face, but also for the whole body. It can also be removed by ordinary soap.