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What's the difference between foreign eggs and native eggs? How to select and save?

what's the difference between foreign eggs and native eggs, and which people are more suitable to eat them? How to choose and save? Next, let's take a look at it with sihaiwang Xiaobian.

Foreign eggs: more suitable for the elderly, three high, coronary heart disease friends

The difference between 'native egg' and 'foreign egg' is mainly reflected in cholesterol content besides taste. The cholesterol content of native egg is 2.3 times that of foreign egg, while the cholesterol and fat content of the yolk are lower.

In the chicken farm, the feed that the chicken eats conforms to the scientific proportion, so the nutrition of foreign eggs is the most comprehensive and balanced, and the mineral content of calcium, iron, magnesium and so on is also higher than that of native eggs.

Because the content of cholesterol and fat in the yolk of foreign eggs is far lower than that of native eggs, it is more suitable for the elderly to eat.

In addition, daily intake of 1 egg yolk does not cause the rise of blood lipid, so friends with hyperlipidemia, hypertension, coronary heart disease, it is not only more appropriate to choose foreign eggs, but also more economical.

Native eggs: more suitable for children

Native eggs are the eggs produced by chickens raised in a pure natural environment, and the nutrients they eat are not balanced.

Therefore, native eggs are small in size, but larger in yolk and darker in color, with higher content of carotenoids and vitamin B2.

The content of cholesterol and fat is higher in native eggs. Because cholesterol is the main component of cell membrane and the precursor of steroid hormone, vitamin D and bile acid, it has very important physiological function.

Therefore, it is more suitable for children to eat. It is better for middle-aged and old people to choose the low cholesterol foreign eggs.

How to choose

Choose fresh eggs

First look: bright color is fresh, more spots are not fresh.

Two touch: fresh eggs tend to feel rough, with a granular surface.

Third listen: shake the egg. The fresh egg doesn't sound dynamic.

Four sink: fresh eggs can sink into the water, if floating on the water, it means they have gone bad.

How to save

A: big head up

Eggs must be big head up to fix the egg white. In addition, eggs can be kept fresh for 30-40 days when the refrigerator is 4 degrees, so do not buy too many eggs at a time.

Second deposit: do not clean when storing

After the eggs are washed, it is not only easy to cause bacteria invasion, but also make the water in the eggs evaporate and accelerate the deterioration. Therefore, it can be cleaned before each consumption.

Three seals: Sealed

It's better to seal the eggs with food bags or preservation boxes before putting them in the refrigerator to prevent bacteria on the eggs from polluting other ingredients.

I didn't expect to eat an egg and pay so much attention to it. It's a pity that I ate it wrong. Hurry to tell more people.