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How are eggs different from other eggs? What's the difference between eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, q

What's the difference between eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs and quail eggs? Eggs are the best source of protein, but eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs and quail eggs are various. Which eggs are the most nutritious and which ones are the most suitable for you to eat? Today, let's take a look at these eggs with the four seas net.

Egg: one of the most suitable foods for human consumption

Eggs are rich in protein, and the proportion of amino acids in protein is the most suitable for human physiological needs, the utilization rate is as high as 98%, which is very easy to be absorbed by human body.

Eggs are known as the "total nutrition" food, eat some good health every day!

Duck egg: cool, heat and fire

Duck egg is the only cool egg in common eggs, which can clear lung heat and remove fire, nourish yin and moisten dryness. Therefore, friends with strong Yin deficiency and sore throat can eat some duck eggs. In addition, eating duck eggs can maintain cardiovascular system.

Duck eggs are rich in vitamin B2, protein and mineral elements, especially calcium and iron, which can effectively prevent anemia and promote bone development.

Goose egg: warm, best for autumn and winter

The goose egg is warm, so the friends with cold body can eat it in proper amount. The friends with chronic disease and deficiency, chronic nephritis and hepatitis can take goose egg to nourish the body and prevent the body from being hurt by disease and cold pathogen.

Lecithin in goose egg is the most common edible egg, which can reduce blood fat, strengthen heart and promote brain development. Therefore, friends who often use brain and cardiovascular problems can eat some goose eggs.

Pigeon egg: its nutritional value is inferior to that of egg

Pigeon eggs are very precious, so the price is high, but in fact, their medicinal value and nutritional value are not as good as eggs.

Therefore, the expensive ones are not necessarily high in nutrition. If they do not emphasize a certain taste, they are better to eat eggs for economic reasons.

Quail eggs: prevention and treatment of lung disease, asthma, stroke

Compared with eggs, quail eggs are more nourishing. They can not only prevent and cure lung disease, asthma, neurasthenia and other diseases, but also protect skin and beautify skin. The more you eat, the younger you will be!

Don't mention eggs. There are many kinds of eggs. When many friends buy eggs, they like to buy 'native eggs' with high price, but they are not willing to choose cheap' foreign eggs', which is sometimes quite wrong!