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Can a cat at home use mosquito repellent incense? Be careful of mosquito repellent incense

It's going to be summer soon. For many people who are very afraid of mosquitoes, has mosquito repellent incense been prepared at this time? But if you have a cat at home, don't use mosquito repellent incense, because it is likely to kill them. It's not a little alarmist. Let's have a look.

First of all, what is pyrethroid?

Pyrethroid is a kind of low toxic pesticide that can kill mosquitoes and flies effectively. It can be divided into natural pyrethroid and chemical synthetic pyrethroid. There are many kinds of chemical synthetic pyrethroid, including permethrin, pyrethroid, deltamethrin, right-handed trans allethrin, etc.

At present, the electric mosquito repellent incense, liquid mosquito repellent incense and pan incense we use all contain chemical synthetic pyrethroids (it is mainly used to kill mosquitoes). When fully heated, the medicine can quickly spread to the air and act on the central nerve of mosquitoes and flies. It is they who confuse and kill them.

It seems that pyrethroid is indeed a toxic substance, but is it really safe for human body?

It's really safe!!!

First, natural pyrethroids and chemical synthetic pyrethroids belong to the pesticides recommended by the World Health Organization for the control of health pests and their vectors.

Second, the effective drug composition of mosquito repellent incense (including mosquito killer tablets) on the market is usually less than 0.65% pyrethroid, which is less toxic and almost harmless to human beings. According to relevant regulations, relevant institutions have done acute toxicity tests on rats before producing mosquito repellent incense, and the inhalation amount must be in the space of per cubic meter & gt; 2000 mg before it can be poisoned.

Third, don't worry about the 'pyrethroids' that are inhaled into the lungs! Because there are a lot of enzymes in the breast-feeding liver, both natural and chemical synthetic pyrethroids can be metabolized, so it can be said that the correct use of mosquito repellent incense is not only safe for people, but also for most suckling animals. (refer to the relevant articles of environmental science and technology, feliology of Dr. cat, and how does our body detoxify? Published in biology bulletin, etc.)

Since it's safe for most mammals, isn't it true that the article says, 'cats can't metabolize pyrethroids!'?!

It's not fake! It's true!

The cat's liver is different from other animals and is relatively deficient in glucuronyltransferase.

This metabolic enzyme plays an important role in the liver metabolism of human beings and most mammals. To be more specific, this enzyme is one of the important antidotes to the 'pyrethroids', and cats lack this important' antidote ', which can not solve this poison. Therefore, mosquito repellent incense does harm to the health of cats. (refer to the diagnosis and treatment of liver and gall combination of dog and cat, feliology of cat doctor, and how does our body detoxify in biology Bulletin)

Then why does our family order mosquito repellent incense so long that the cat is all right?

In my opinion, first, the content of pyrethroid in mosquito repellent incense is relatively low; second, we all use it in a relatively ventilated environment, not all the year round, so even if cats inhale a small amount, it is difficult to show symptoms for a while.

But in the long run, these pyrethroids will be deposited in the cat's liver, causing obstacles to the cat's liver function. When the cat is 6 years old, it will increase the risk of liver disease of the cat. Especially now the domestic cats are well fed. If they get fat, they will easily lead to fatty liver, jaundice and other hepatobiliary diseases. If the liver is damaged again, there will be dysfunction, which will undoubtedly lead to Cats are facing a greater threat to their health and safety. This is probably what the article said: 'mosquito repellent incense can kill cats'. Therefore, cat friends at home should try to use less mosquito repellent incense.