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How about weaning the baby in spring? How to wean the baby is the most scientific?

When the baby grows up to a certain age, mothers will wean the baby for various reasons. After all, the nutritional value of breast milk after six months is not as high as at the beginning, and at this time, the baby can eat some non-staple food to increase nutrition, so how about weaning the baby in spring? How is the most scientific weaning method?

Most mothers choose to wean their babies in spring and autumn. The temperature and environment are more comfortable. Babies are more likely to accept new food and avoid intestinal diseases. In fact, which season is better, there is no scientific basis, or according to the actual situation of the baby to decide. However, in order to make a smooth transition, mothers should not fall into the following two misunderstandings.

1. Weaning

Many mothers are waiting for the spring and autumn to wean their babies. Even if the baby is sick, they still insist on weaning. Because of the recovery of menstruation, return to work and other reasons, some mothers are taking time to wean their babies quickly. This is likely to do half the work, or even lead to weaning failure or lack of baby safety.

Weaning time: the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding to 2 years old or above; the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding within 6 months, adding solid complementary food, and continuing breastfeeding to 12 months. When to break it depends on the situation of mother and baby. Generally, it is recommended to extend the time of breastfeeding as much as possible, and weaning is better in the way of natural weaning.

2. Rough, isolated and repeatedly weaned

Rough weaning. Many mothers will choose to apply hot pepper water, berberine water, myrtle and other stimulating substances on their nipples, so that the baby will be disgusted and afraid of sucking, so as to force the baby to wean actively. This method seems to be effective in a short period of time, but in fact, it will cause the baby to be depressed and have a negative impact on physical and mental health.

Isolation weaning. It is also not advisable to use the method of mother-child separation to wean, because the most important thing for a baby to wean is the comfort of the mother. In this stage, long-term separation will easily lead to anxiety and lack of security for the baby.

Repeated weaning. In addition, some mothers are not prepared enough to wean, so that the process of weaning is repeated. Let the baby eat and break every three to five times, so the repeated process will bring adverse effects on the baby's mood.

The right way to wean should be like this!

Gradually reduce feeding times. For example, reduce once or twice a day, and replace with formula or complementary food. It's better to reduce the daytime and then the evening gradually, until it is completely stopped. This process should carefully observe the baby's adaptation and be confident. In addition, before weaning to add good complementary food, so that the baby gradually adapt to complementary food (generally speaking, the baby about 6 months to add complementary food).

Don't remind or reject the baby. You can use games or picture books to divert your baby's attention. Don't remind your baby when she forgets her breast milk. But if the baby wants to breast milk, do not refuse, you can give him a bottle or cup to drink milk. If the mother is weaned because she wants to go to work, she needs to train her baby to use the bottle at least one month in advance.

Avoid breastfeeding before bed. Many babies have milk sleep, which is one of the reasons why weaning is difficult. It is suggested that mothers should establish good sleeping habits for their babies and separate feeding from sleeping. When the baby wakes up in the middle of the night, it can replace breast milk by hugging or patting, voice soothing and other methods. Give your baby a pacifier if necessary.

More company and comfort. Do not stay away from the baby because it is in the weaning period! During the weaning period, the mother should pay special attention to the baby, spend more time to comfort and accompany him, comfort the baby's uneasy mood, and also protect the baby's sense of security.

Add the right weaning food. It's a good way to wean your baby by gradually adding complementary food. For children, the breast milk that they have been used to and adapted to has suddenly been changed into other food, which he certainly does not like. Therefore, it is very important to add complementary food, from less to more, from thin to thick, from soft to hard, and gradually move closer to adult food. For example, rice juice, fruit juice and carrot juice can be used as early complementary food to help wean children.

How to wean when breast milk is sufficient. Many mothers feel that they have enough breast milk to feed their children all the time, but during this period, mothers must try to give their children other food to adapt to. This time point, according to the baby's acceptance of food other than breast milk. If the baby doesn't refuse to eat other food, it's OK to eat breast milk first, which can be extended to 2 years old at the latest. But if the baby only eats breast milk, the mothers have to plan to wean in advance. After all, when children grow up, they have to eat normal food.

What kind of situation is not suitable for weaning

1. When the baby is sick

When the baby is sick, the weak body is not suitable for weaning, because he needs nutrition to resist the disease at this time, and the new digestive system and digestion mode have not been established in the body, so he was rushed to wean for other food, the baby's nutrition can not keep up, the weak gastrointestinal tract originally, can not function normally.

2. In summer

Summer is a special season for the baby, because the temperature is high and the weather is changeable. All kinds of microorganisms grow up. If you wean the baby and let him try other foods, the baby's body will easily refuse.

Weaning is a painful process. Mothers should be patient, observe the baby's reaction and understand the baby's physical condition, so as to wean the baby at the most appropriate time.