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What are the verses related to Qingming Festival?

Qingming Festival, also known as the outing Festival, is on the 108th day after the winter solstice at the intersection of mid spring and late spring. It is a traditional Chinese festival and one of the most important sacrificial festivals. What are the poems about the Qingming Festival? A summary of the poems of the Qingming Festival to see how the ancients described the Qingming Festival.

"Qingming" (Tang Dynasty) Du Mu

A drizzling rain falls like tears on the Mourning Day; The mourner's heart is going to break on his way.

Ask where there is a restaurant. Shepherd boy points to Xinghua village.

"Qingmingri" zuohe River

When the Spring Festival is not over and clear, the swallow swallows the willow and loses its soul.

The silent green mountain people rush into the tomb, and the money of the dead paper and candle are sacrificed to Xianling.

Qingming zuohe River

Liuchuqian road rain heavy, thousands of miles of children and grandchildren rushed to the grave.

Everywhere, there was smoke from the green mountains, and incense was burned to mourn the ancestors.

Cold food on the way (Tang Dynasty) Song Zhi Wen

It's late spring on the way.

Poor Jiangpu, no Luoqiao people.

North Pole huaiming master, South Ming as courtiers.

At the heartbreak of the old garden, willows are new day and night.

Cold food (Tang Dynasty) Han Hong

Spring city is full of flowers, cold food east wind Yu Liu oblique.

In the dusk of the Han Dynasty, the candles were passed on to the five Marquis's house. (Note: another saying is that this poem describes the cold food festival the day before Qingming. )

Lu men Jishi (Tang Dynasty) Zhang Ji

Farming husband recruited love boat, spring grass green ten thousand fields;

Try Wumen to see the county. There are some new cigarettes in Qingming.

Qing Ming (Song Dynasty) Wang Yu

No flower, no wine, clear and clear, like a wild monk.

Yesterday, my neighbor begged for new fire, and I knew the window and reading lamp.

Su Di Qing Ming Ji Shi (Song Dynasty) Wu Weixin

The pear blossom is blowing in the clear and bright wind, and the wanderer seeks spring and leaves the city.

At dusk, thousands of willows are warblers.

"Cold food on tomb" (Song Dynasty) Yang Wanli

How fine are you! Can you help me when the bridge is in danger? The maple on the far mountain is thin, and the wheat on the broken house is lonely.

Old grass and spring breeze, new Qian new year without. Pear flower from cold food, into the festival only sorrow.

Cheng Hao in the suburbs (Song Dynasty)

The grass is green and the field is wild, and spring comes into the remote mountain and green;

Xingzhu chaotic red through the willow lane, solid because of the water sitting on the moss;

Don't be afraid of the red flowers;

It's a fine day in Qingming. You may as well take a tour and never forget to return.

"Qingming" (Southern Song Dynasty) Gao Zhu

There are many tombs in the north and south of the mountain. There are different kinds of sacrifices in the Qing and Ming Dynasties.

Paper ashes fly as white butterflies, tears and blood turn into red cuckoos.

On the fox's sleeping grave at sunset, I return to my children's laughing lamp at night.

Life has wine to be drunk, a drop never to Jiuquan!

"Send Chen Xiucai back to the tomb of shashang province" (Ming Dynasty) Gao Qi

Full of blood, tears and dust, you can also mourn when you return home.

The wind and rain, pear blossom and cold food, how many tombs come?

A trip to Qingming Day by Qingjiang River (Ming Dynasty) Wang pan

What's the best way to ban smoking in the West Tower.

Horses wear willows, people lean on swings, laugh, and explore Orioles to teach spring to get drunk.

"Chang'an Qingming Yanhuai" (Tang Dynasty) Gu Feixiong

In the Ming Dynasty, when Emperor Li met Qing Ming, he also drove tourists out of the Forbidden City.

Nine roads, fangfeiying warbler, thousands of cars and horses rain early clear.

This is the first time we meet today. We are tired of seeing flowers in sorrow.

Who is the Lord in the coming year? It's more emaciated than ever.

"Garden to friends on the Qingming Day" (Tang Dynasty) Jia Dao

Today's Qingming Festival, the garden wins.

Willow catkins are blowing in the clear wind, and kitchen smoke is rising from the new fire.

There are three paths of Du Cao, and two sages are remembered in the article.

When can I die before the wine falls.