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How do I charge for refund? The latest regulations on the service charge of air ticket refund in 201

Plane is a relatively fast way to travel. For many people who often need to go out on business, do you know how to charge the handling fee if they need to unsuited flight ticket cancellation? How to charge the handling fee for 2018 flight cancellation?

I. ticket refund regulations

1. Generally, the refund fee of no more than 10% shall be collected 24 hours before departure, and 10% shall be collected within 22 hours before departure, and 20% shall be collected within 2 hours before departure. For other regulations, see the detailed list of airline refund.

2. The refund can only be made at the original place of issue. If the ticket is not purchased by this ticket office, we can only help the guest cancel the seat, and write on the last page of the ticket that the guest applied for the refund at x:x on X, x, x, x, and at the same time affix the official seal. If the official seal of flight delay is affixed to the ticket, the ticket will be refunded without any charge.

3. If the name is wrongly entered, it is a homophone error, and other times and segments remain the same, you can apply to the airline for full refund, attach the new white copy of the ticket to the refund, indicate the wrong homophone, and apply for full refund.

II. Domestic flight refund service fee algorithm

Air China and Shanhang: 5% of the face value (excluding tax) of full price tickets (including first class and business class) will be charged as the refund fee, 10% of 10% - 8% of 9%, 20% of 75-6%, 50% of 55% (including) and below.

HNA: 5% for above 10% discount, 10% for 85-8, 20% for 75-55, 50% for 5% discount and below.

China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines and Shenzhen Airlines: 5% for tickets 24 hours (inclusive) before departure; 10% for tickets within 24 hours (inclusive) to 2 hours (inclusive) before departure; 20% for tickets within 2 hours (inclusive) after departure; 50% of the face value of the ticket refund fee after departure.

China Southern Airlines: more than 20% discount, no charge 24 hours before departure, 5% within 24 hours; 25% discount 75-6, 20% within 24 hours; 20% discount 55 (inclusive) and below, 20% within 24 hours before departure, 50% within 24 hours.

Xiamen Airlines: 5% 24 hours before takeoff, 20% 2 hours before takeoff and 50% after takeoff.

Sichuan Airlines: more than 6% discount is the same as the charge method of China Eastern Airlines; 55-45% discount, 20% before departure, 50% after departure; 40% discount and less, 50% before departure, no refund after departure.

III. Calculation of service charge for international flight return

There are different charging standards. Before you buy a ticket, you need to ask clearly. For some special tickets with high refunds, you will use English abbreviations in the endorsement box in the upper left corner of the ticket. The English for refunds is refund, and the abbreviation for first flight is ref or rfnd, etc. for example, Air China may refer to ref & Times & Times & times; CNY, and the middle & Times & times; indicates the specific refund amount, and CNY means RMB Collect.

According to the different algorithm of refund according to the take-off situation of the aircraft, passengers should try their best to handle the refund before the aircraft takes off.

New rules for air ticket refund in 2018

What are the factors of air ticket refund fee?

Factors of air ticket refund fee -- Airlines

How much money is deducted for ticket refund depends on which airline's ticket is booked first. Different airlines generally have different refund fees. Some airlines are divided into pre departure and post departure. Second, it depends on how much discount you book. The lower the discount, the higher the refund rate. The refund fee = face price & times; refund rate.

The passenger refunds the ticket and all the money is refunded. Due to the reasons of passengers, 10% of the original fare shall be paid before 24 hours, 20% of the original fare shall be paid within 24 hours and 2 hours, 30% of the original fare shall be paid within 2 hours, and 50% of the original fare shall be paid in case of missed flight.

Factors of ticket refund service fee -- personal factors

If the passenger (Group passenger shall stipulate otherwise) applies for refund 24 hours before the flight departure time indicated on the ticket, 10% of the original fare shall be paid; 20% of the original fare shall be paid if he applies for refund 2 hours to 24 hours before departure; 30% of the original fare shall be paid if he applies for refund within 2 hours before departure. Disabled revolutionary soldiers and passengers with infant tickets are exempt from the refund fee. Due to flight cancellation, advance, delay, voyage change or the carrier's failure to provide the original seats, the refund fee will not be charged for the passenger's refund, and the corresponding problem of flight ticket refund will not be concerned.