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Can I take the medicine after it's expired? How to prevent taking expired drugs?

Things will go bad when they expire, let alone medicine. Some of the other things can barely be taken when they expire, but can they also be taken? How to avoid taking expired medicine? Next, let's take a look at it with sihaiwang Xiaobian.

According to a recent survey, about 78.6% of the families in China have standby drugs, and more than 80% of the families do not have the habit of cleaning up regularly, and seven adults have expired drugs in their homes. Many people think that if the appearance of the drug is intact, it can still be used after a few days -- this idea is totally wrong! There are great mistakes and risks in drug use.

After the expiry date of the drug, there will be at least two major hazards: first, the efficacy will be weakened, delaying the disease; second, the risk of allergy and poisoning will be increased, and some expired drugs will damage the liver and kidney functions. Some drugs may not have expired, but improper storage may also affect the efficacy, for example, storing drugs in a humid environment will accelerate the deterioration of drugs; for example, eye drops can be used for up to one month after opening

In order to ensure the safety of drug use, we should never forget about the outdated drugs. Even if the appearance and smell of the expired drugs do not appear to have any changes, we can no longer eat them. We must dispose of the expired drugs in time. The "big white medicine box" based on wechat public platform can effectively avoid the misuse of expired drugs: quickly add drugs to the mobile phone by scanning the code, control the shelf-life status of drugs at any time, and expired drugs will be automatically put into the "waste medicine box".

How to avoid taking overdue drugs by mistake

Pay attention to the storage conditions of drugs

Drugs should be placed in dry, dark and low temperature places. Some special drugs have preservation conditions. Some drugs must be refrigerated and put in the refrigerator. For example, insulin, human albumin, interferon and vaccine must be refrigerated at 2 ℃ ~ 8 ℃.

High temperature, humidity and sunlight will affect the efficacy and shelf life of the drug. Too high temperature will easily lead to mildew and deterioration of the drug. The most simple and convenient way to store drugs at home is to store drugs according to the storage conditions in the drug manual. Drugs that do not need to be refrigerated should be stored in a dry, dark and cool environment. Except for special instructions, general drugs should not be frozen.

Clean the family medicine box once every three months

According to different conditions of family members, some medicines for children and the elderly are stored in different categories. Classify the drugs and separate the external medicine from the internal medicine; before purchasing and taking the drugs, be sure to carefully look at the instructions of the drugs, pay attention to the storage taboos and the validity period of the drugs.

It's better to clean the small family medicine box every three months or half a year, check whether the medicine is damaged, whether it has exceeded the shelf life, and dispose of the medicine that has passed the shelf life in time; in order to prevent the expired medicine with good packaging from being picked up by others and taken by mistake or circulated to the market by lawless people, the medicine that has not been unsealed can be disassembled and broken before being thrown away.

Cooperate with mobile medicine management application

As one of the most frequently used tools in our lives, mobile phones can also help us manage drugs. Pay attention to the "big white medicine box" in wechat, add drugs to the mobile medicine box by scanning the barcode, not only can you check the drug manual at any time, set the medication plan and remind on time, but also can intelligently manage the shelf-life of drugs, move the expired drugs to the "waste medicine box", and no longer worry about misusing the expired drugs and the security risks it brings.