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Can girls lose weight during menstruation in spring? How can girls lose weight during menstruation

Spring arrived, in do not lose weight April act sad, how to lose weight scientifically? Many people don't know that menstrual weight loss is very effective. Let's take a look at it with

The week when menstruation comes is the best time. In the two weeks after menstruation, it is the most effective time for the body to lose weight and lose weight. It is also the most effective time for the effect. So don't forget such a good opportunity.

And in the week before menstruation, it can also play a slimming effect, but the effect is not so obvious, even no change is possible.

So how do girls lose weight during menstruation?

Get enough sleep

Good sleep quality is better than poor sleep quality, the effect of weight loss will be better, and girls in the case of constantly staying up late or insomnia, will lead to the increase of body fat, which will lead to obesity.

Watch your diet.

Common menstrual diet, to pay more attention to blood, but also to eat more high fiber food, which is conducive to intestinal peristalsis, for the benefit of weight loss and slimming is very large, and for girls, the sense of satiety is also very good.

Keep sports

Because in the menstrual period, not young girls will think that exercise is very inconvenient, but this time exercise is the most effective time, it's better to use some more normal exercise methods, and it's helpful for slimming. Of course, it's not recommended for strenuous exercise, which is easy to cause the loss of body Qi and blood.

On the way of sports and weight loss, we must pay more attention to keeping warm, which can reduce the occurrence of dysmenorrhea in menstrual period, and at this time, it will cause the loss of body heat after the exercise, so it is easy to get cold. It is better to keep warm, especially for this part of the abdomen.

In addition, when exercising, we should try our best to avoid using waist force, because it is easy to cause pelvic congestion and bacterial infection, so we still need to pay attention to the choice of exercise.