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This year's college entrance examination will completely cancel the sports specialty students and ot

The Ministry of Education announced that the college entrance examination bonus items such as sports majors will be cancelled in an all-round way. This is a big hit. Let's follow the small edition of

Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the notice on doing a good job in the enrollment of general colleges and universities in 2018, which made a comprehensive deployment of this year's enrollment of general colleges and universities. All schools are required to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, fully implement the party's education policy, fully implement the implementation opinions of the State Council on deepening the reform of examination and enrollment system, develop quality education, promote education fairness, select talents scientifically, and ensure the fairness, fairness, standardization and order of examination and enrollment in Colleges and universities.

The notice specifies six key tasks for the enrollment of general colleges and universities in 2018.

First, we will make every effort to ensure the safety and stability of the college entrance examination. Strengthen the organization and leadership of college entrance examination, strengthen the cooperation of departments, and focus on the special action of comprehensive management of examination environment. Strengthen the supervision of the whole process of test paper circulation to ensure the absolute safety of test paper.

Second, actively and steadily promote the reform of college entrance examination. We will carefully organize and steadily carry out reform pilot projects and implement reform and improvement measures. Actively promote the implementation of special reforms such as senior high school academic level examination and comprehensive quality evaluation. We will further promote the reform of reducing the number of admission batches and the classified recruitment of higher vocational education.

Third, we will further promote equitable access to schools in urban and rural areas. We will continue to implement the "national enrollment cooperation plan for central and western regions", continue to implement the special plan for key universities to recruit students from rural and poverty-stricken areas, further implement and improve the policy for children moving with them to participate in the college entrance examination in the places where they enter, and strengthen the comprehensive management of "college entrance examination immigrants" in accordance with laws and regulations.

Fourth, we will further strictly regulate the management of enrollment. Strictly abide by the "30 No's" enrollment ban, conscientiously implement the requirements of ten publicity of enrollment information and strict management of special types of enrollment. We will intensify efforts to deal with illegal enrollment, and in addition to canceling the corresponding enrollment qualification, we will also cancel the enrollment, examination and admission qualification of the college entrance examination of that year for students who cheat in all types of enrollment.

Fifth, further strengthen the information security of college entrance examination. Enhance safety awareness, improve security system, improve management system, strengthen safety inspection, eliminate potential safety hazards, and ensure the safety of enrollment information.

Sixthly, we will carry out in-depth enrollment publicity services. We will increase the education of examinees' integrity, strengthen enrollment publicity and comprehensive guarantee, and provide reasonable convenience for the disabled to participate in the college entrance examination on an equal basis. Adhere to the correct guidance and standardize voluntary guidance and news reporting.

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the opinions of the State Council on deepening the reform of the examination and enrollment system and the opinions of the China Association of science and technology of the Ministry of education, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of public security, and the State Administration of sports on further reducing and standardizing the bonus items and scores in the college entrance examination, the sports majors, the middle school students' subject Olympic competition, the science and technology competition, the provincial excellent students, and the ideology competition will be cancelled in an all-round way Political and moral outstanding deeds and other national college entrance examination bonus items.