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What should I do if my aunt doesn't come?

It's distressing to come to the great aunt, but it's even more distressing not to come to the great aunt, so how can the great aunt please? Next, let's take a look at it with sihaiwang Xiaobian.

1. Try soy milk and jujube soup. One is to mediate estrogen, the other is to replenish blood gas. 2. You can try the angle binding action of yoga. You can see how to do it on the Internet. This action can mediate the endocrine. It's very useful to do this action when you feel like you're coming or not. 3. In the air-conditioned room, pay special attention to the warmth of the abdomen to avoid cold. Cold enough to easily cause dysfunctional menstruation! 4. It can stimulate acupoints, massage the Sanyinjiao of legs, eight acupoints below the back waist, blood sea and other acupoints related to women's gynecology can be pressed! 5. If menstruation is delayed, it is generally normal within seven days. If it is over, you must go to the hospital to have a good check! 6. Menstruation and mood, mental state State is very relevant, too much pressure will also affect aunt, so you can usually do a spa, especially a back massage and ovarian maintenance massage, or good!