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Husband refuses to give birth without pain? Does painless delivery have an effect on babies?

when a woman gives birth to a child, she will encounter all kinds of things. When giving birth to a child, some husbands and family members are mainly adults, and some adults are mainly children. It's really a sad thing to give priority to children regardless of adults' life and death.

in Hangzhou obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, 26 year old Xiaochen (pseudonym) has entered the delivery room for labor, and the palace mouth just opened two fingers, and Xiaochen can't bear the pain, and proposes to give birth without pain.

However, in the face of the wife who was suffering from pain, the husband firmly shook his head and refused to sign the consent for painless delivery. He said that "anesthesia has an impact on children, and it is not good for adults". No matter how the anesthesiologist explains the concentration of anesthesia for painless delivery, it will not affect the mother and fetus, the husband's attitude is still firm.

'I hate you all my life!' cried the helpless little Chen to her husband.

does anesthesia for painless labor have any effect on children?

What worries mothers and their families most about painless delivery is whether these anesthetics will have an impact on the health of the fetus and mothers. The highest principle of painless delivery is to protect the safety of mother and fetus. The general complications of epidural labor analgesia, such as hypotension and headache, are mild, and the serious life-threatening complications are rare.

The common adverse reactions are the influence on the labor process and the blood supply of placenta. Hypotension is the main factor that affects placental blood flow. However, when the drug concentration is reduced to a certain extent (i.e. conventional concentration), the effect is not obvious. The drug concentration of painless delivery is far lower than that of general operation, such as caesarean section. When the parturient chooses caesarean section, they seldom ask the doctor about the influence of anesthetic on the fetus. The highest principle of painless delivery is to maintain the safety of the mother and the fetus. The amount of drugs absorbed through the placenta is very small, which has no adverse effect on the fetus, not to mention the brain health of the baby.