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Shop push pure gold ice cream gold ice cream delicious what flavor?

Summer is the best time to eat ice cream, but have you ever eaten gold ice cream? Because this ice cream is skillful and complex, and the raw materials are expensive, so there are countless people coming here. Is gold ice cream delicious?

Recently, an ice cream shop named ice and snow city in Anaheim, California, USA created a new "24K pure gold ice cream" with edible gold foil, and published its picture on instagram, winning the attention of many netizens.

Located near Disneyland, the ice cream shop has created a magical experience of making a special delicacy out of edible gold. This shiny delicacy uses waffles pre sprinkled with 24K gold powder as ice cream cone, with vanilla, which tastes sweet and smooth. On the top, a piece of edible 24K gold foil is used as accessories, and then the gold foil is fixed on the ice cream with a micro wooden clip. Each ice cream is coated with a layer of glittering gold foil. The 'pure gold ice cream' can only be tasted in Anaheim's store, with a retail price of $14.95.

It is reported that the production time of each pure gold ice cream is about eight minutes. Because of the ingenious and complex process of making this ice cream and the high price of raw materials, only some employees of this ice cream shop were selected to receive the training of making this kind of 'pure gold ice cream'.

In order to give customers a richer experience, it's not enough just to taste the ice cream in hand. No matter who has eaten this ice cream, there will be gold like lipstick on his lips, just like the photo released on instagram. Seeing this kind of ice cream, the netizens can't wait to visit and taste this ice cream shop, and leave comments on the Internet.

Although most people may find it uneconomical to spend so much money just to taste such a snack, it seems that the customers of this ice cream shop enjoy it.