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The origin of April Fool's day? The origin of April Fool's Day

Everyone's expectation for April Fool's Day is a bit ingenious, because it is not a national legal holiday. It's a good day to have a holiday, but it's a good day to play tricks on people openly. If you grasp it well, it can also enhance friendship and become a lubricant for interpersonal communication, but if you don't grasp it well, it can cause embarrassment for both sides. So how does April Fool's day come from?

April Fool's Day is similar to Hilaria in ancient Rome and Holi in India.

The choice of time is related to the 'vernal equinox', where the weather often changes suddenly, as if nature were fooling human beings.

April Fool's Day originated in France. In 1564, France first adopted the newly reformed chronology, the Gregorian calendar (the current common Gregorian calendar), which began on January 1. But some conservative people are against the reform and still insist on giving gifts on April 1 to celebrate the new year. Those who advocate reform scoff at the practices of these conservatives.

According to legend, about 1650 years after Adam, the first human ancestor, God destroyed the world by flood, but only Noah, the descendant of Huide, Adam's third son, was left. He saved the life of his family by a man-made ship. When the flood subsided, Noah released a dove to explore a piece of land after the flood subsided, because it happened to be April 1. So later generations think that to do a meaningless thing on this day is like a white dove doing a white job. It's stupid, which is the origin of April Fool's day.

Bai luosaipina, the daughter of the LORD God sherice, met with Bodhisattva, the king of the underworld, when they fell in love with each other at first sight. Bodhisatto married Bai luosaipina as the queen of the underworld. When the two of them returned to the underworld, bodhisatto sent the ghosts in the underworld to laugh and make fun of sherice. However, she was fooled by her voice Source search. Therefore, they regard the annual "ManJiang society" as "April Fool's Day".